Open Suggestions

This will be a larger update as bulls are not locked down for quotas currently. But will put into queue for updates. Leaving open for now

I have several male submissives that would like to use the extreme milkers, but can not.

a feature for the submissive bulls to opt into by choice to be rlv restricted, until their bull quota has been met, but leaving the option up to that bull set default as it already is now or opt in for more restriction for the few subby bulls that like being locked on the stall untill their quota has been met leaving it completely optional so everyone can be a happy bull with their own decision

Muffin's Miracle Cattle KY
Quality of Life

A consumable that removes the breeding cool down from cows for 1 hour. Useful for fun and breeding...Mostly fun.

Recently had to purge three stacks of 'feed' to make room for full meals instead. This involved 'trash'ing 36 times. It would be nice and feel more intuitive if 'trash' removed the entire selected stack.

Allowing bulls to breed with other bulls to give each other breeding bonuses. As it stands, most bulls wanting this end up duo roles as a cow. This would clear the system up of unused cow roles and create a more inclusive system!

Please create a calendar or other system that enables a dairy owner or manager to schedule future nitro boosts, as long as adequate supply is in the dairy inventory. Many of us get busy and cant be on the spot when it's time to start a nitro, or wish to do a nitro when its RL work time, or its the middle of the night. This would give us the flexibility to schedule a boost during these times that may be an off time for us, but not to the cows who need boosting. Thank you

Many of us put a lot of work into making our dairies an exceptional MM experience as well as for the SL community in general. Hover text, while necessary for the milking process, is otherwise unsightly. Everything with 24/7 hover-text could have a setting in it to toggle between local and global for hiding the hover-text. Local would allow for toggling “hide hover-text” on or off at that stall/treadmill/terminal/etc while Global would be activated from a terminal affecting the entirety of dairy items set to Global. It would also be nice if after sitting and no pumps are detected the hover-text, if so set, would revert to hidden as well. Not only would this be a nice feature for using milker furniture during non-dairy socializing it would also alert livestock that they’re not wearing their pump(s).

!0 minute recharge

I think it's backwards, I think its FAR more realistic if they bulls have to do a 10 minute recharge than having cows have a 10 minute recharge time. I suggest switching this.

When I select Donate to donate to a diary from the Farm Management terminal, it would be nice to see how much my money I have on the dialog menu. You can save the trouble of checking by other methods Especially for those who do not have a muffin OS HUD

I wish that the shape shifter have more different folders, were you set mor shapes for non pregnant or pregnant and many more small differences for full Mild Status to Milk-Limit.

To enhance semen extraction and provide an alternative to milking by hand, as well as making the process more enjoyable for submissive bulls such as myself.

Sitter Roles for Animations
Quality of Life

Seperate Bull and Cow Roles in the scripts, so that an AVpose reader can register both roles placing Cow as Sitter 0 and Bull as Sitter 1. Allowing conversion then off any furniture (with the addition of Milker Basics) to become a fully animated Milker with not just 8 animations per role but as many as an owner would like.

Currently the MuffinOS HUD is no-mod, which means editing the Messages notecard within it doesn't 'stick'. Alternatively, have the milkers override the HUD's message NC and use their Subliminals NC instead, while the livestock is sitting on the stall. This would only affect livestock being milked/seeded/bred, but does allow for farm owner customization. Another possible workaround would be to build a moddable object called Subliminals, that would ONLY contain a Messages notecard (and perhaps a relay script to read the NC and pass items back to the HUD using the API, see below). If this was attached along with the HUD, have it be the source of subliminal messages, instead of the internal notecard. In this way a farm owner could build their own Subliminal setup, and pass it to their livestock. (Assumption is the HUD is no-mod for a reason, to keep people from reverse-engineering it or breaking the RLV functions.) Add role-specific subliminal functions to the Utility stalls, so that the messages delivered are context sensitive to the livestock seated on them (calving, bull seeding, cow milking). Lastly, add subliminal message delivery to API messaging, so that builders can incorporate the subliminal text into gazers or other trance/hypnosis features. Suggest that they send not only the message, but a group or category tag, to allow for programming of image selections or sounds along with the messaging.

As a Quality of Life improvement i would Suggest Removing the limit on breeding for Cows. however only adding the *BRED* buff for the first 10 interactions. Just like Farmhands can use a "RP shock" this would allow Bulls Fuck them on a RP bias. I dont think it would make a big difference if we would allow Cows to have more than 10 intercourses. After all Bulls are not limited at all.

Removing Workers

Hey! So I am working on removing workers who havent worked in months, and I am having to click remove, then wait for the page to load (takes a bit) then do it all over. It would rock if we could check the ones we want to remove then click a button to make it remove them all in one refresh!

I propose adding an addiction to being breed, similar to the feed and milking addictions. Optional settings to add to this feature could be the following: -specifying a particular bull to relieve addiction (for partners) -intensity level to control duration and frequency of the effects

While the indicator is functional enough as it is, it would be particularly helpful for high-level livestock to see their progress as a percentage (or an EXP total) through the ear tag rather than a bar with asterisks.

it would be nice to be able cto change the name to something other than " MM - Cattle Prod v.1.02". If there could be a setting to rename it, i think we may see some creative entries for more fun.

Create a selection of tabs at the top of the page such as new suggestions, pending(in progress), accepted and rejected. Right now is kind of a mess and hard to reference with them jumbled up into only two columns Thank you

If you're dual role you know that issue, You get bred once to get one cow breed and then you need to breed a cow to get one bull breed for you. Shouldn' it be 1 breed for both roles regardless of who mounted who? It doesn't make sense that you only get one for each role depending if you get bred or do the breeding. If we could get 1 breed = 1 for both roles breeding If this would be a game-breaker I wouldn't be opposed to up the limit on dual roles amount of being bred more than 11 times and maybe say 20 times.

If possible, I think it would be great for the dairies to to be able to upload their own logos on the muffins site.

bull quota

Would like to be able to at least set my quota a little higher then 5 (max) I'm on long enough I do more then that every day would like for there to at least be an option for a max of 10 bull quota oh and of course extreme bull milker for the subby ones.

i thought it might be neat if the force feeding mask have a effect that would change your speech like some ball gags do ideally would be if that effect can be enabled and disabled

hours on stall @ day in inworld/profile and web profile so you can see in profile how many hours you have spent on the milker and reset on new muffins day / sl day so you can see better that you are under 12 hours before you are exhausted and hurt grade

Currently, all stalls will reset their names back to the original "MM - Milker Stall v.1.46" whenever anyone resets the stalls via the Farmhand button menu Reset option and/or manually resetting scripts. My suggestion is to please remove the llSetObjectName function entirely so that our permanently rezzed stalls can retain custom names. It is no secret that RLV users utilize the function to force sit others onto furniture. So, if you have multiple MM stalls that all have the same object name, you often have to guess which stall is the correct one to sit subs upon from the list given in any RLV relay's menu. No secure LSL function in the script should _require_ the stall to retain the original object name, so other than vanity there is no point in having llSetObjectName anywhere in there and removing it would improve quality of life for RLV users (and [*cough*OCD] dairy owners [*cough*like me] that might use area search to find specific stalls if you need another practical use-case scenario. ♥)

Farm demand could be tied to milk tank level rather than a timed cycle. Farms with low tanks, should have higher demand, High level tanks low demand. This can be done on an algorithmic scale so that demands are not dairy specific but are relative to other farm demands

Tank list sorting

Allow the user to sort the tank list by attribute such as tank name or type by clicking on the column header.

When a cow is being milked in extreme milker, she is being blinded using custom environment settings. But she can get her vision back, choosing any other environment in her viewer (Ctrl-Shift-Y for midday, for example). I guess it's kind of bug, and the HUD should add @setenv=n restriction for whole time when cows are being extremely milked.

In the All Farms as well as Supply & Demand lists list in order and color code dairies by recent activity - within last day, last week, last month, last year. Splitting hairs for order within each color group could be most recent dairy a livestock met its quota. The order and color coding will help workers to make informed decisions for deliveries to dairies which are actively participating in the MM community and certainly weed out the defunct farms.

New Feed system

Many people have a fustration of waiting for the server to respond in order to deliver your feed from the fridge and if the sim is down you can't get it at all!. I have a potential new way of doing it. New Item: Feed Tank This item will display in real-time the amount of feed your farm currently has in the main tank. This tank will also be able to be used by Managers and the Farm Owner in order to withdraw 'Feed Crates' New Item: Feed Crate This crate contains 50 bottles of feed physically. As in it is a object that holds 50 bottles. This crate is obtainable from the feed tank by Managers and the Farm Owner. It works with the feed dispenser / fridges to fill them with those 50 bottles, and dispenses them directly instead of waiting for the server. Alternative method for this suggestion The crates would be a farm hand item, and work just like a tank, it fills from the feed tank and dispensers into the dispenser / fridges, granting EXP to that farmhand. This adds another minigame for farmhands to do. These crates would be locked to a specific farm when filled with feed from the tank just like milk tanks in order to prevent feed theft. Potentially fridges could come in different sizes in future, upgradable using moolah from the dairy. And along side that different sizes crates like the FH tanks. This may also allow for a potential future tie-in with a system in which farms can produce their own feed. This suggestion also has many potential variations, even as I've finished this I could go on about other ways to fill fridges. Suggestion made by Lightning#2387 on discord. Discord Message link I copied it from

The MuffinTR could allow additional privileges once all quotas have been met. Potentially, it would also be able to introduce additional restrictions when the quota is not met.

A pill to increase the speed of gestation by a week or two perhaps, for those that would like to clear their pregnancy sooner without having to sacrifice a calf.

Considering that the HUD was recently updated to allow for an unlimited number of item stacks, the 12-item limit per stack for most items serves no real purpose anymore.

Farm hands need to be kept busy >:3 Things such as cleaning milking stalls and treadmills after use, a dirty equipment doesn't work as well. Hoofpick/*Brush for horses to keep there hooves nice and clean for a small xp bonus? *brush for ponies who have feet/paws/boots instead of hooves

Since the Grade system has been tied into everything, I would like to see the website updated with the exact requirements for each Grade, ie quota level, milking times, feed and breed needed. This would make for a much more level playing field as well as give clear goals for those wanting to get to he highest Grades be it Cow or Bull or Dual Role, as the amount of guesswork right now is tedious especially since Grade affects everything now.

currently stalls can be set for cows to be bred without checking for cow consent, allowing a cow submissive and bull dominant environment basically what I'm asking or hoping for is the potential for the opposite, especially with the approved suggestion for extreme bull milking locking bulls in until quotas are met, I'm hoping that stalls can be set for bulls to be locked in for breeding quotas, forcing some bulls to be waiting for cows to come and use them for breeding as they please. naturally the bulls at this point would need to pass afk checks.

I think a Universal Nitro that would boost all three productions at once would be a great QoL addition. Something that boosts Milk, Seed, and Power with a single purchase, rather then needing to buy and use 3 seperate items. Perhaps even give it a discounted price over buying the 3 individually, such as 1000M$ each, this would give an easier time on farms which are more broadly focused, or perhaps motivate farms to be this way.

The new update is absolutely amazing and I think most of us agree with that <3~. Having said that I think it would be a welcome little change if ponies were able to share a stall and spend the time regaining stamina after a hard workout together. It would also help the dairies that already have somewhat limited space.

A big request but something to be made that would allow a Cow and a Bull to be milked at the same time whiles they cuddled on a stall.

Pill for Vacation Mode
Quality of Life

What about a pill bought with Moolah that would freeze a grade for X number of days...with the intent that people going on rl vacation or needing a temp hiatus could use it.

Homegrown feed

Farmhands plant, tend, and harvest feed corn crop. Ponies can mill it into feed meal. I recommend, depending on effort, 1-3 feed per plot.

I have a suggestion regarding the Auto-milking stalls for those who are a dual role. For those who are dual role, if they want to milk for say, just milk or just seed, instead of having to do both or logging onto the website and disabling a role, make it so that the stall will automatically detect which set of pumps you're wearing and connect to them, as well as still show all of the text above the stall for your bonuses.

Dairy owners/managers should be able to forbid the use of Breed+ and Morning After item usage on livestock registered to the farm. When disallowed, registered livestock would have to remove themselves from the dairy to use such items. It really causes a lot of drama and hurt feelings when livestock use these items, and dairy should have control over their usage with registered livestock. Just creating written rules is not enough to discourage this. It needs to be part of dairy's control for registered livestock.

We need a "Conduit" Boost for the Batteryboxes like a Grease boost for the Tanks and Dispensers. One that the Farm Hand can buy like Grease, apply, and speed both loading and unloading of Batteryboxes. This would be a tremendous help to those who often purchase Power. It currently takes 17 minutes to load/unload (34 minutes total cycle) a Batterybox with no way to speed it up. A "Conduit" boost seems to be a reasonable option to remedy this.

Needing an option to disable Permanent Lock on the HUD via the website/login. times and people change along the way, and what may have suited at one time in your life does not always remain the same.

The ability to add a line to the "Breeding Note" on the livestock page. Can be "Needs Delivery" for example currently. A farm manager might add "To be kept pregnant".

After logging into the Website, we always arrive on the Main page, even if we started on the My Details page. Unfortunately, in my experience it can take up to several minutes to load My Details (timed recently at 129, 152, 97, 116, and 138 seconds) I have a working hypothesis about this: My Details page shows overall Details, Statuses, Details per Role, Vaccination Status, graphed activity and Grade, and Awards. Now if I scroll down, the Awards section is *at least 20 times as long as all the rest put together* In other words, over 95% of My Details is Awards! Could it be that this HUMONGUOUS Awards section is what keeps it so laggy? Hence my suggestion: could we move the Awards section to a separate page, so that it doesn't overburden the My Details page?

Can you add option for MuffinOS HUD to gag the cow, making her moo instead of speech (like is being during extreme milking)? Like subliminal messages, with on/off button. Also would be great if farm owners could force set subliminals and mooing, disabling that buttons for cows.

Hide Profile

Allow users to set their MM profile as public or private.


Home grown feed from farming,plants can be watered with bull/stallion's seed then can be harvested by farm hands and turn into feed.

Moolah Gift Cards
Quality of Life

I have an idea that Moolah gift cards would be nice. This would be good for owners/farmhands gifting livestock for competing well, as holiday or birthday gifts, or just to show appreciation. The gift cards can be used at the vending machines to get pharmacy items, and possibly even farm boosts.

Currently, seeds can only be used to charge LEWD, and Cum Tank Plug can only be used to purchase seeds from other farms and carry them. Using the Cum Tank Plug to transport seeds is very interesting and I would like to use it more often. So I propose to drop off the seed via the Cum Tank Plug and get moolaa available.

Wondering if it's possible to be able to buy the boost dispensers to put up at the home dairies and save travelling to Muffins to buy the boosts. As information transfers can be sent from dairy terminals I'm just think it might be possible is all.It would just save time is all and possible waiting for the dispensers to be free for use.

One of the big reasons I don't go to the mainstore unless I absolutely have to is because it takes FOREVER to rez in everything. So long in-fact, the vendors go idle again before they display the next page of items available. So either allow items to be bought via the HUD, allow dairies to have their own vendors, or seriously consider optimizing the mainstore sim, or move the location to a better sim.

Mobile milking

Create a mobile milking system similar to Mused where a cow/bull can pump from anywhere then deposit this milk/seed into their favorite farm. This way they could pump even when away. :)

Suggesting an idea at the end of each month, when the milk Tanks have to be reset to 62ltr or whatever it is. If you cant get rid of the amount in there due to FH's been unable to get to fill there own personal tanks. I would be fair to have the remaining Milk turned into Moolah for the dairy. To then use to donate to others of to be used on there own place.

With the MM - MuffinOS you get messages every couple of minutes, about 1-4 or so minutes. The objective of this suggestion is to give you control over how often they appear and what they say. Some examples of these messages are as follows: The best cows are at the top of the leader board. You want to be one of the best cows, don't you? It becomes difficult to focus. Your mind drifts into pleasant numbness. Be good, don't think, and the warmth will come. You're such a good cow. A good cow makes milk. These are some of the subliminal messages. it would be quite nice if there were more of these little tidbits of messages or if we could add our own and set how often the system randomly sends one of these many messages depending on if or if not you are milking.

MIlk can names

As a FH working several dairies I decided to name the cans according to where and how I use them. I ran into trouble doing so as I used various characters and symbols in the names. This seems to be a problem as I had several cans that failed to function. I sought help and was informed the name I was using was not allowed as it started with a number and contained ">" symbols as well. Please let users know what the restrictions are for tank names. A check for being a valid name for the MM system when renaming tanks would at least let people know their choice was not usable with your system. Depending on how I wanted to name the tanks, I might with to use numbers, letters and various punctuation marks as well.... Would be nice to be informed what the naming restrictions are for tanks.

When I use my OS HUD to scan for a livestock and view their info - or to view my own - it does not show me the number of shocks they've had in the day; to see that I need to look them up via an external browser which is often very slow. It would be helpful to have that info added to the view shown in-world. :) Thank you!

That one is plain and simple. I would really enjoy if we could see the stats on all the farms I keep tabs on, right on the Favorites section. The way it is right now it only shows the farms and the SLURLs, and it's just so unpractical to keep track of that in two separate tabs! Also, a little revamp of that page would be nice as well, but not required.

It's not a game improvement, it's for fun, and maybe for open some new game challenges. Why don't build a "Guinness Records" in Muffin Milkers? All in one web page? Some "records" maybe (in example): "Max montly milk/seed/power in the MM history", "Max daily milk/seed/power...", "Max offsprings", "Max daily delivered milk", etc etc.

Like with breeding, an option for Livestock to auto-accept vaccines/treatments (basically anything but pills) would be handy. I've had the "farmhand happens by, realizes my vaccine's expired, and tries to vaccinate me, but it's during that like... 3 minute period where RL has made me afk so they moved on" I'm not purposefully AFKing, but... the dog or kid sometimes makes it happen. That's it, just another opt-in check.

I noticed that the leaderboards are dominated by livestock that are extremely high levels only. It would be nice and more inclusive if the leader boards were tiered by level ranges so that livestock of all levels could compete within their level bracket. Otherwise low levels will never have a chance to become a top tier competitor because as they grind to approach a high enough level, the livestock that are already high will also continue to grind in order to compete.

I see a lot of Dommes bringing their bull here for role play but they cannot breed them.. is it possible to get them to be able to opt in to being bred as well?

Prostate stimulaton (mild electrical) is usually done to get seed out of a bulls. So adding someting like a buzzing plug or something, that adds a little to the rate would be appropriate.

This would allow cows/bulls/ponies who wish to reset their level for any reason (RP, joining a new dairy, etc). It could be done a limited number of times or even done through and item purchased with moolah.

Expanded Grade Bonus

Modifiers for breeding based on grades. Something along the lines of a +10% breeding bonus for an S grade bull or cow, A no modifier, B -5%, C -10%, and D -20% to show how virile a bull is or how fertile a cow is. Stackable so an S grade cow bred by an S grade bull would get a +20% breeding bonus. Should apply after Mooagra so that a B, C, and D grades bull would not have 100% breed chance so that there is another incentive to get their grade up and keep it. S grade Bulls could possibly give a better bonus to the cow's milking rate too.

Please add a button on the top of each column, enabling people to sort the list by: alphabetical farm name : bonuses offered : demand : rather than a separate page for each sorting method. Leave inactive farms off the list, have a separate page that includes inactive farms if anything.

Status Display

Would it be a good idea to have the status of the farm you are delivering for show up on the tank itself as you deliver? It would show up under when the milk expires. This way we can keep better track of what the demand is and when to stop. If it is stupid ignore me. lol Merry Christmas guys!!

Website Privacy

I just wanted to make a suggestion for livestock to be able to make themselves hidden from being looked up on the search function of the website. If that could be possible sometime in the future, I would be grateful. ❤

When viewing the livestock profile page for any given player, the title of the page is just 'Livestock Details," it'd be so nice if it was like 'Livestock Details - myname.resident" so it can easily be found in one's browser history for easy recalling.

delivery of power and seed
Quality of Life

i think farm hands should get moolahs for seed and power delivery work

Sometimes if I do pony-role stuff after having spent time milking, the milking addiction RLV effects will kick in while I'm active as a pony - on the treadmill, in the stall, doing circles. It would be helpful if the addiction only kicked in when not actively engaged in MM activities/on or in an MM device.

Churner, Milk Cans or Batteries ... select what ever you want but the transfer rate is to much to low. It is really a fun killer and should be more higher. Why i need 5 minutes to load 30L of Milk into a churner? in real life i even don't need this time. So yes it is a RP and i like to play it but here in MM the transfers so slowly its just a waste of time in some kinds of the System.

For cows who don't want to become pregnant (at all)*, currently their only option to get the benefits of breeding is to use OS or to breed with a bull using a condom. Unfortunately, a lot of bulls don't buy condoms because - understandably - not wanting effective breeds is not the majority. So then you're *in the moment* about to breed, and rats, the bull doesn't have a condom. But cows in this position cannot purchase condoms to then give/"use on" a partner if they don,t also have a bull role. It would be really good for anyone of any role to be able to purchase the condoms and apply them to the bull (with consent of course) so that the onus is not entirely on the bull to purchase them and have them ready. Failing this, if there were a cow-specific form of birth control that _prevented_ (rather than ending, as with Moorning after) a pregnancy that would work too, but expanding the use of condoms seems less complex than introducing a new item.

Pony Races

I think it would be fun for ponys to be able to race on a race track and be able to win moolah for there farm for winning. -A "vehicle sit" system like how Breeders Choice horses used to race with so that everyone is at the same speed -Jumping and stamina depletes your stamina so ponies have to make smart decisions -There has to be at least 3 ponies for each race and must be registered at different farms so no spamming races for Moolah -Ponies can only race once a day and cannot if at all sick or injured that day I under stand that this would be a tall order and that Muffins Milkers is primarily a milking system for cow but I think this would be wonderful for Ponies to support there farms more❤️❤️❤️

For submissive bulls, allow avatars with the cow or cow + bull roles to initiate the breeding process if they sit on the same milker as a bull-only avatar.

It would really be helpful if the bulls got a breeding recovery time also, as I manage a dairy I get a lot of bickering between bulls about hopping on cows too fast between breeds. this would stop all that nonsense. Also as a suggestion is requiring bulls to seed milk between breeding maybe a system 2 breeds per one seeding. This would stop a lot of bulls just looking for a quickie with no care to the cows or the farm.

Make the Treadmill a bit more interesting and give it a second "speed". This may take a bit more stamina and can push up the aspect of BDSM forced running. For BDSM it can be fine if the stall is added with an auto spanker or such as an auto whip machine where a groom or Master/Mistress can set via menu a number of strokes to the "lazy" pony.

It would be nice if farm managers could bypass maximum dispensed milk limit in the same way the farm owner can. While I understand that not all functions the owner has access to can be given to the farm managers, this seems like an easy one, and would be useful. It could allow farms to functionally have 'priority' farm hands.

There are times when a farm will have multiple bulls and few cows active. It seems it would be handy to make a milker where a cow can be "serviced" by multiple bulls at the same time. Perhaps adding a bonus above a standard breeding bonus, like an extra 20% (example numbers) for each bull above the first.

I would like to suggest the website have an age check, before being able to access any of it's features.

Currently, the treadmill belt only goes one speed regardless of the avatar animation. I suggest adding a 4th parameter in the "MM - Settings" Notecard per Walk Animation line to allow adjustment of the speed of the belt's texture animation. The notecard line would look like this for example, where the last parameter (1.00) is the speed of the belt: AnimationName::<-0.10000, 0.00000, -0.4000>::<0.0, 0.0, 1.0>::1.00

4 laggy vendors is all what we have .... please improve user experience with that .it's just hell.

Grape pills
Quality of Life

make Grape a permanent item, purchasable with Moolahs, as it has qualities that make it better than pone pill power.

I would like to suggest that prices on the trading floor be capped at a maximal 20-30 range. Over the months most seed and power offers are kept at around ten, but the open end character might tempt someone to go higher to receive more moolah at one farm, making competition lopsided, Thank you for reading and considering a change:)

temp rlv lock
Quality of Life

a temp rlv lock for the muffins hud would be cool so that one can remove the hud when its not needet/wanted

I feel that Neapolitan should be an additive for ice cream churners and machines. Where as the current flavors give you a large boost in only one role, Neapolitan would give a small boost (perhaps 15% to 20%) in multiple roles at the same time such as Bull, Cow & Pony roles. This would be helpful to milkers who do all 3 roles when at the farm. Eating just one flavor for one boost makes things unbalanced when you milk & seed at the same time. So this would be an improvement, mixed with better quality of life. If it takes more milk or time to create Neapolitan ice cream, that will also be beneficial for more pony XP.

When browsing through suggestions and voting, sometimes I see one that has a lot of potential or is a really neat idea, but as described might have an inherent difficulty in terms of side effects or integration. It would be nice to be able to comment on a suggestion to add more ideas to flesh it out or help with potential pitfalls that might otherwise result in it not getting voted up or not getting implemented.

Right now, when a farm becomes inactive, you cannot leave the role of Farm Hand from that farm. You are stuck unless they become active again. If there is anyh way to fix this I am sure half of the MM gang would appreciate it!! Thank you for all your hard work Muffin. You have added a whole asset to everyone's SL.

Vacation Booster
Quality of Life

a pill or setting that allow a freeze on the account for a limited amount of time for Vacations or work trips

add cooldown timer

they need a cooldown timer after gettin breed to know when its ok to breed agin on a cow sux try to breed a cow were we got 10mins set and ur off byt 5 sec or sumethin

Calf rework

Whenever a Calf is born, a new item will be generated called "RoleName Essence", where a Cow can give birth to all roles based on what was consumed during the breeding. Ice cream would be the ideal item to be used as a role determinant for the calves. The calf item could be a little box with a particle and the color/name of the role. Maybe a flexible script so people could mod mesh into being the physical form of them. It could also be remotely stored in the dairy terminal or the farm owner's MuffinOS inventory. These essences would have 3 usages: 1- Role experience boost - each calf could store some level of experience, based on their grade. 2 - Working boost - spending a calf would give something similar to what a pill do, the max bonus would be similar to a pill. 3 - Pet Farm Boost - kinda like the house farm boost, but applied to guests as well. Value would be defined by the grade and amount of calves in the farm, up to 10 at time at grade 2 for maximum amount. Calf grades: They work similarly to player grades. The higher the parents' grades, the better the chances the calf will also have a high grade. A calf grade influences on how much bonus its essence will give. Calf adoption: Calves can be traded/adopted between farms by authorized farmhands. A farm's grade must be at least the same grade as the calf to accommodate it, that means a grade D farm won't be able to have a grade S pet farm. These are all general, kinda random ideas of how to give calf some usefulness. This can always be brainstormed and expanded!

Tank exchange

Allow players to exchange smaller thanks for larger thanks without cost. 3S = 1M 6S = 1L 4M = 1L

Would it be possible to have the pony pattern game in the style of ddr and with out combo presses as it seems there's lag sometimes and a pattern is missed even though the buttons where pressed at the same time.

Hi, I was looking and there are over 1000 farm, and not much more in Cows and cattle: So i was thinking, If i Farm Worker can work at unto 10 or so farms why can't cows, bulls and ponies be-able to register at multi farms as well. I'm not talking about 10+ but Maybe 2 or 3. and have then get there quota at each maybe? this may the reduction of farms that have gone inactive, and give the cows and bulls more freedom to wonder! O know its just maybe it will help:?

Please add list sorting to the 'Donate to Dairy' page. I would like to be able to see my most recent donations at the top instead of my oldest. Currently, the 'Donate to Dairy' page is sorted by date with the Oldest donation at the very top and there appears to be no navigation to sort the data (In Chrome & Firefox. I have not tested in other browsers).

Pop up for shock

Hey in chat i am realizing there are a lot of people who do not want shocks. Here at UT we shock and feed everyone who enters. Is it possible to get a pop up like the pill to accept the shock? This will solve a big issue for some i think. THANKS MUFFIN!!!!

Since the timeout on website personal logins has been very much shortened, it has become extremely frustrating to log back in 8 times a day. Muffin has already made it clear that due to bot exploits, this time out won't be changed again, however, I have a suggestion to at least mitigate some of its perverse effects. Present behavior on the website is that when the timeout chucks you out without warning, and you have to log back in, you arrive back at the main page, and then you have to find your way again to the page you were working on, which potentially involves several minutes of *schleppgaehnemoehlen* through slooooowly loading submenus before arriving back at the page where you were before you got chucked out. Would it be technically feasible for the website to remember the last page you were actually looking at before you were so unceremoniously chucked out, so that when you log back in, you are automatically redirected to the page you were on? This would be extremely useful and not particularly vulnerable to botting as far as I can tell :)

Gifting Items

It would be nice if there was a way to gift multiple items (like pills) to other players at once. This would allow farms to run contest and reward the winners with Muffin's items.

At current, the only way to receive the feed bonus while doing Manual Milking is by using the fridge feed dispenser. This creates item clutter, and more server calls, and more work for the dairy owner/workers to keep them stocked. And it would also be nice to be able to have a bull mount a cow while they're being hand-milked.

Inventory Item Definitions
Quality of Life

Add a description to the text that is printed chat to make it more clear what inventory items are for. As it is currently, when you click on an inventory item (Milk +, Seed +, etc.) the "Inventory Type" and your remaining count are printed in chat. For example: (Line1) Inventory Type: Mooliday Cookie (Line2) Count: 4. My suggestion is adding 1 or 2 more lines that describe what the boost does and what role it is for. For my example using Mooliday Cookies, this single new line would say something like "Description: Production boost for Milk, Seed, and/or Power" or in the case of 2 newly added lines the whole thing would look something like this: "(Line1) Inventory Type: Mooliday Cookie (Line2) Role: Cow, Bull, Pony. (Line3) Description: Production boost for Milk, Seed, and/or Power (Line4) Count: 4.

Breeding bonus after limit
Quality of Life

I would like to suggest that cows can get milking bonus from each breed even if they have limited for the day. that way cows would be more open to using their 11 breeds fully.

Prizes from Events

Hey can I beg you to add in the description what role the item is intended for? I am blond and can never remember. lol I have some from a few events!

More RLV Shape folders?
Quality of Life

The idea of this is for the HUD to create and use more RLV folders to keep adding/taking off more attachments and parts the further a punishment goes on. So each day a quota is not met, the punishment worsens, and you get more things added/locked to you until you meet the required quota. This could work well with Addictions too, with a new attachment being added the longer an addiction is not taken care of by milking/breeding, say...for a timer of every 3 hours a new folder is added. The RLV folders could be set up like so... ~MM-Cow -Default -Default -Extreme1 -Extreme2 -Extreme3 -Full1 -Full2 -Full3 And the RLV could be triggered to take off all attachments and clothing first, so the user would have to add anything they wanted in that particular phase on top of what they had, but the work would largely have to come from individuals anyway. The trick is to lock those attachments/folders on the user until they satisfy the objectives.

Since we can only have 10 open listings at a time, can a listing be removed from that count once it is purchased and waiting for pick up? This way a waiting order won't prevent a farm from making new listings in the event orders aren't picked up in a timely manner.

Rather than farms being limited to less than 10 trading floor listings per month due to buyers who don't pick up, can a pick up clock be set on the orders? Orders that aren't picked up in a week could expire and the seed or power is returned to the selling farm and a moolah refund could be issued to the farm who did not pick up.

Quality of Life

Remove perm lock from the hud. I like the np map stuff, but i cnat wear it because of perma locked. remove ora way to fix it so its off would be great

Featured Farms

Can the featured farms be added to the status/demand page somehow? I know a lot use that page to deliver from, and even though they have a bonus and very high demand they are getting missed some because they dont show on that page. Just a thought.

Sort suggestions filter
Quality of Life

Sort by approved, denined, view all, view no response, maybe view by votes/time so i (I’m lazy) don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to read the newer suggestions. And when voting, would be nice if it doesn’t go back to the top of the page.

A checkbox option for farms under "Manage" to "Allow outside farmhand to manually milk/seed" Similar to the existing "Allow outside farmhand to Medically Scan, Vaccinate, and Treat Livestock" Default to off, the current situation.

The second page will hold event items. Use the existing inventory button to flip between the main page and the event items page. The aim is to keep the impact on the UI to a minimum, and hopefully the amount of work required as low as possible. So if its easier to just overflow items from page 1 to page 2, then that would be fine. This is similar to:

To save on some of the inter-farm drama, and because it is impossible to blanket ban every farmhand working for specific farms, i would like to see the ability to blacklist farm milk, meaning farmhands cannot deliver to an owned dairy from a blacklisted farm. this of course to save on creating more drama should only be a setting that the farm owner can set, not managers. Thank you for your time.

I would love to have the ability to change out the particle tank textures using the UUID number in the particle script in the tank. Like tiny stars n hearts, half moons, floating cows, plasma orbs etc.Even pre made particle script packs you can change out that you can buy at the main sim would work.

Pony Search

Can we add a Pony Search option like the cow and bull option we currently have? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

When cows finish their quotas, there should not be any punishments on the RLVa OS system. I Have done what i needed even exhausted myself, yet if i want to be out and about I need to turn off my RLVa so i can be free, other wise i become blind and mute even tho i have done all my tasks plus some. This should be fixed as i dont want to be tied to a milker when i cant even produce anymore.

It would be nice to allow one farm to buy items for another if they wanted to using their own Moolah.

1) In the center of the circles add a leashpoint for the ponies reins. If the trainer wants the pony to get outside of the circle while running the circles, s/he can give the reins longer. Other way, the pony is locked in the circle and cant escape without the permission of the trainer or owner, who locked the pony into the circle. 2) If possible, make counter for made mistakes, like "leaving circle outside" and "run through the middle" (close to center!). A groom farmhand or Mistress/Master can see this mistakes and punish the pony after the circle run. 3) Outside the circle a ponybar can be added , to bind and punish a lazy pony (BDSM feature)

There are some small rings shown at the stalls but not all are leashable. Especially at the treadmill ponies wear bridles and bit with reins. If the small rings on the top would be "anchor points" a worn rein can be linked on it

Plug or (butt) plugged in tail, which stimulates the prostate, which adds a little bit to the seed rate.

Good morning, me is Toy and I'm trying to stay within the bounds of nicities, but seeing that a certain farms zombie ponies are active again without producing takes the fun out of competing, I ask mm to take a closer look at this, because I think they are are being unfair to all the other ponies in mm. Well, have a nice one and farm ...., please stop cheating with utterly overblown ponies. Thankies Toy

Hi, me has been running all night to keep up with the competition and when I do that I regularily check on other ponies. Since I have run with many others and have seen what they do, I think MM should regularily check on high level contenders about their being there, or being sat on treadmills. I have seen the carnage that a level 80 or 90 pony can do when they are producing ACV and I'm totally ok with that, but when their farm fires off nitro and music for hours and same ponies are running but not producing any ACV it gets quite obvious that something is wrong, so please, for the sake of fair competition, look into these things regularily, that includes me, as I have nothing to hide. Wishes eveyone out there lot's of fun, smilysmiles.

Currently if you have multiple animations set up in the stall the last animation used is saved and carries over, I would like the option where this could instead reset to 1st on list or a default animation instead. We have couples cuddles on our stalls that 2 stalls next to each other allow 2 cows(or bulls) to milk and appear to be cuddling/breeding but when one cow leaves and another sits on stall they go back into the cuddle which might not be wanted. so a reset to default would be great, but i can see where holding last animation is useful too for if someones just hoping up to do something and sitting right back so maybe make it togglable in stall by the managers?

Add cool down timer(s) for dual role livestock/FH's (farm setting for livestock). A farm manager could set a required (e.g.) 30 minute interval between the last milk/seed and ability to shock/feed/LEWD... etc A setting of zero would correspond to the current situation. RP shocks would not be effected. A user can still have both roles. The intent is to avoid use of FH skills which buff other livestock - while carrying out the livestock role yourself. Circular shocking is the context for this suggestion. Variations which have been suggested: * a debuff for shocks given while being active in the livestock role. * incur an extra charge if sitting. * the prod is more likely to break and need repair (needs crafting). * increased chance of medical treatment needed if (e.g) shocked during cool down.

More HUD slots.

We need more slots for items / pills in the HUD. As a farm hand that also do things with the cows outside the farm, it is necessary to carry cures. For the daily workings at a farm need almost all the rest. Could argue the Morning After is not needed to carry since it is used so rarely. But when you need a Mooagra because someone has to go, there is no time to first go shop. With the Candy reward the HUD was full even when just having 1 of each. Now there are Mittens and Mooliday Cookies as well. I have already had to give a lot of candy to undeserving cows rather than use it as a treat because of the space issues. And now can not have Seed+ pills. More upcoming ideas for items/pills also add need for more stacks or constant store runs in the middle of milkings, which I think we do not need. Store runs are quite hurtful for any social interactions, even when SL works flawlessly, but we all know TP crashes are a common reality quickly turning a store run into a 10 minutes absence, and definitely don't want to start having to go as often again as in the past where we had to stand in line to shop.

Obsolete Suggestion

This suggestion was rendered obsolete recently.

Closed Suggestions

This will have to happen over a couple of updates as each system will need to have their distances up'ed. Milker stall will be first with from 3 meters to 10 meters.

it is frustrating having to stand nearly on top of these objects in order to click them. Often awkward because of the build or whatnot.. a few more meters would improve things.

The milk rate bonus from farmhands currently cap at level 100 yet cows and bulls can level past 100 and their limit keeps increasing. As more and more livestock level beyond 100 it is not fair for the worker to have to spend even more time milking livestock. If livestock is allowed stat increases past level 100, farmhands should be allowed to have hand milking bonus increases for leveling over 100.

added to my details, my breeding consents. Added to MuffinOS as well

Option in the OS HUD to auto accept breeding requests. With this option enabled, any bull that sits on the stall with the cow, the cow will not get the popup asking to allow or deny. Having this option turned off should not override the dairy settings for no consent, just allow for auto accepting of breeding at dairies that are set for consent.

Removing Inactive farms from donation list. Sorting donation list aphetically. Removing Supply and demand from all farms page to be faster. Adding Supply and demand page. Adding 'Farms with Statuses' Page.

just accessing the farm list on the web page takes extended amount of time, and bandwidth, which could be quickly cut in half by removing inactive farms from the list, and allowing users to help clean the list by giving a place to report inactive farms, and maybe even incorrect farm urls would be fantastic too.

Favorite Farms

i think this would be a cool idea to have a Favorite farm section on the website in your account have a tab called Favorite farms this way you can see what is going on in those specific Farms like any nitro's or delivery bonuses

Will be in December update

I have an idea. Since there is a morning after pill for cows, why can't we have a condom for the bulls that you can buy for Moolah. The bull could use that from his MuffinOS so he can give the breeding bonus without impregnating the cow. The cow that is waiting for someone special or is not allowed to get impregnated from a bull outside their farm would benefit from it as well. They can get the breeding bonus from someone that simply uses a condom and won't have to worry. It would be also a great thing for the people that RP with the Muffin system and I think that would be a great addition.

feed bottles

You can not force remove things from someone's inventory in sl. I get this is a pain but it's not possible in sl.

Have feed bottles self destruct after they are emptied please

Cycles added to livestock details. Will not at full time as sims have time dilation. Cycles are a collection of time for requests from milkers.

I'd love to be able to see how much time we spend on the milker daily, this would help with personal goal or rlv fun of keeping livestock locked to the milker until timer completed! Just a little row added on the livestock page telling us how many hours we spent on the milker that day, would be great!

With the moorning after and now condoms. I don't want to make this change. I believe that those that want to be mounted but not bred and also not use any of the ways to mitigate it are a very small minority.

Much like the Moorning After Pill, but just make it so that not being Breedable does not mean, not being mountable. Even if it doesnt give the breed attempt bounce

Five-Course Meal
Quality of Life

Moolah Vendor item (we need more types of items!) Cost 100 Moolah (a 100% mark up over regular feed) or even just 50 or 60 A non-instant feeding (10 tick) that supplies 5.0 Feed once activated. The buff duration could last the length of one regular feed worth. If 100Moolah, perhaps make it be 1 duration but a little bit higher of a buff, or, regular buff with a long 'full' buff and last the length of 5 Feeds back to back, either way great for hand milking.

First version of this is added to my breed consents on a per user basis instead of farm for now.

The idea is a whitelist/blacklist that is made by breed detection with either integrated in the cups/pump (which would be acessable for everyone) OR an option to create one in the muffin OS! This would allow non con per user base that would stay even if changing farms! Example: OS reads: "[05:38:32] MM - Milker Stall v.1.42 whispers: Bull registred: John Doe Level: 69" Cow gets blue pop up for breeding "Allow Now", "Allow Permanently" "Not Now" and "Blacklist" Allow Now will allow the Bull to mount onetime with consent and will have to ask for concent the next round! Allow Permanently will turn off the concent towards that bull! Not now will turn down the Bull and unsit him, but he can try again later if the cow agrees! Black list is selfexplanationatory! To remove a blacklisted or white listed person, OS has extra button in the cogwheel to remove a name from either list! Like so: 5 - Manage Lists 1 - List whitelisted residents 2 - Remove whitelisted residents 3 - List blacklisted residents 4 - Remove blacklisted residents I haven't thought a way up for how to add and remove people to the whitelist/blacklist on the cups yet but a modifyable notecard might work in either of the cups pumps have them talk to eachother? -------------------------------- The reason behind this, I know a lot of cows like to idle and sometimes miss the breeding pop up, if you have some bulls you can trust, you should be able to set them without having the whole farm to go non Con! (It's really hard as a non con farm to get anybody over to milk because they are very scared they might just get mounted by anybody even though we try to implement it as a QOL kind of thing), Plus it would be great for the "at home milker" idea! Since I am certain some cows would like the RP from doing milk at home! I forgot to add that Non Con set by farm should override that feature because non con is non con and should be treated as such! Thanks for taking the time to read this little idea ♥ Edit: quote from my lovey cow who put it better than I could with my words "No consent is perfect for me with me being mostly AFK. However I can understand why people like having consent enabled. At the end of the day, I've so far not been abused by any bulls, in house or out of house, at any of the farms that I've been at so I'd be happy to go full no consent.. More timid cows can have they're consent on to suit their needs."

Cattle prods will remain at their current range

We can Feed, and do other stall related things, and we can dispense from far away.... We need to be able to Shock the same distance as Feed/stalls are, or it kinda makes the first update pointless. Still have people needing to slide stalls around, etc, to be able to reach for Shocks.

On the website, it would be great to be able able to sort/.filter the farm list for different requirements. For instance has teleport link. Has cows milking now. Has cows milking right now. Farm require consent. Farm doesn't require consent. Has empty stalls. And other useful filtering. I think this would make it easier for people to find their community.

Farms should be able to set keywords for their farm, and people should then be able to view the farms by keywords. IE: Pony, Furry, Non-Con, BDSM, social, female only, extra.

Hud Stacking

This is currently in beta testing and will be released within a few days.

I'd like to suggest that for the next month, HUD inventory stacking be the primary focus for the update.

There is a dev api being worked on with a feature similar to this.

On Successful bread, it would be great if the API returned the current bread count. This would be useful for making accessories that visually communicate availability of breading.

API bred end

Added due to active upcoming stall update

API reports start/end of breeding by timer. But stall does not report when the cow or bull stands causing the complete end of the breading. This is useful for genitals or other things you might want to have go 'up'/'down' or 'open/close'.

Suggestions on the web is a voting and historical record. Suggestions on discord is for discussion of these suggestions and sparking new suggestions. Please link your web suggestions in discord to discuss them.

If this is going to be the primary source for how suggestions about the system are made, I propose we do away with the Suggestions Discord. This will push attention and traffic here instead of there and give more clear concise data about what players and patrons want.

Milk Products!

Butter and ice cream are currently in beta phase with the pony churner. Ice cream bonuses are based on flavor.

Milk is a useful resource, but also very plentiful. So why not turn it into other things like: cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. These products could keep farmhands busy as they work a station to make the products. Alternative a new pony station could be made and stamina could be a factor in curbing the rate of production. As for the uses of these milk products, they can be used to unlock new buffs for the farmhands or higher rank buffs. Some examples are: -Better Manual milking -Faster transfer of deliveries -Unlock 2nd tier of stronger buffs (**Fx2**, **Shockx2**) -- things like that. Alternatively the milk products could also be sold for more Moolah. This is a simple idea, but this can really open up the gates to all sorts of things like crafting! Being able to craft food items. Did you know it is possible to make plastic out of milk? It was done in the past! I was not kidding about legit crafting. lol Some products like cheeses can also open up an avenue for all sorts kinds of cheeses and requiring unique methods of creating or additional time. Plus also lets you adding some stats such as grading of the cheese, age of cheese, etc. I could write up more and give more ideas/suggestions to this if needed. Just let me know :)

Based on earlier suggestion, this was applied to 1.42 milker stall. Breast pump hook up messages are turned off when successful hookup is achieved. Feeding mask hook up is only done on start feed.

The current Hookup API creates a ping between Hookups and stall. That ping creates an on going sim resource drain. I would like to suggest optimizing the Hookup api to reduce the impact on the sim.

There are broadcasts for this existing just not documented. I will make this more visible for api users.

It would be great if scripts could query stats like pregnancy status maybe via MM attached HUD or some other method. And or if the MM HUD would broadcast pregnancy status on login. IE 25% This would be useful for pregnancy bellies.

Implemented as of Season 7

Bull grade is a bit hard to maintain and archive S rank with the requirement of successfully breeding cows. This change will be a bit more fair and easier for bulls to get higher grades. (this is demo suggestion)

Currently any Farmhand or Cow/Bull that checks their level via the terminal doesn't get the recognition via 3rd party systems due to the API's not being added. Request the following be added: levelupfarmhand, levelupcow & levelupbull (same format as the stations) Also add the following: Moolah donation received (from who and the amount, this will permit the terminals being used to 'Pay' for moolah related services or rentals) Cow/Bull Joins dairy (UUID, name & roll(s)) Cow/Bull Joins MM system (UUID, name & roll(s)) Cow/Bull changes quota (UUID. name & new quota and quota type (cow/bull)) Plus anything else that seems valid to include ;)

Circle shocking is a big issue. Self shocking would be worse. Interaction is part of this system that I want to promote.

It can be a little difficult if one is milking somewhere outside of the hours that Farm Hands are typically around. If a cow/bull is also a farm hand, perhaps allowing them to shock themselves would be nice. It would still deplete a shock, like a regular shock, it would just be giving it to themselves instead of someone else. (If this is considered to be a bit too cheaty, perhaps requiring a certain level of farm hand to be reached before this can happen? Not sure how the scripting would work.)


Added for 1.43 and above version

Had someone at my farm stand on a stall for half the day without realizing he was not wearing the gear. It would be great if the machines didnt moo if it is not actively pumping. It makes no sense to have to click and idle box if the stall isnt even running.

Farm supply and demand is being moved to it's own page. Will only show farms with active slurl and non inactive farms.

The page is slow to load for most, it should auto show the higher demand farms at the top along with those running bonuses. It should also require for farms to have up to date links to their farms in order to be listed. Half the time it feels like we are going on a ghost chase trying to find a farm where it says it is or even a farm with a working slurl to begin with. It shouldn't be this hard to deliver milk.

This is being looked into. Rejecting for now though.

15 is an odd number, those of us with OCD are triggered. Plus many of us have multiple farm hand jobs. I don't know about anyone else but I like to do four tanks a day from each dairy. 16 tanks would make this much easier while 15 throws it off by one. I understand the reason for not having 100's of tanks but I'd hope 1 more would not hurt and give us a nice even number of tanks to work with. Thanks

Shocks for dual role now give exp to the worker for each shock delivered.

As it currently stands, when a dual role cow/bull is shocked, the farmhand uses 2 shocks to do so, and only gets the experience for 1 shock. It seems as though this would discourage shocking dual role livestock. I propose that either the farmhand gets full credit for experience for 2 shocks, or a choice to shock only one part of a dual role, and therefore only use up only one shock, getting experience points for one shock.

This will make it much easier for us to invite cows and bulls to the muffins milkers group.

Mute/Direct Fridge!
Quality of Life

In dairies that have all of the stalls muted, when some one spams 5 drinks the local chat gets decimated! Its the final key piece that still really needs to be able to mute.

Self Updating Stalls
Quality of Life

Dairy owner are given auto updaters. Stalls can not update without an updater being rezzed for scripts to be transferred from.

Make the life of farm owners easier by having stalls that can self update.

There is consent lists for white listing people and blocking people. Consent Farms. Outside breeding only. And Consent popups. I think there is enough consent.

This would likely need to go into MuffinOS, altho there might be a way to add it to either Milking or Seed pumps. The idea is this: Specific people have given me permission to always breed without asking... "if I'm AFK I might miss the popup, but you don't have to ask me first". Or, they feel safe at certain farms, but not at others. So, if they could add their "approved" or a "denied" list to a notecard, then when either at a specific dairy or mounted by a specific person, if that location/person is on the Approved list, there is no popup and breeding commences. If the location/person is on the Denied list, there is no popup and the bull gets bounced off. Obviously, if neither of these checks "pass", the normal popup appears for Consent. Thanks to Davina for voicing this idea in a simple way.

There is no images or explicit adult material on this site. Will add this if images or content moves into that world. Right now this website is concerned with data.

the website should have a meta data rating of adult. So that browser and search engines understand that this website is for adults, and should not be displayed to minors. IE: meta name="rating" content="adult" meta name="rating" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA" more info at

This was done on purpose to not make a single reason to use any one stall. many customize stalls to not even look like manual milking anymore. if this was done with feed as well people would afk all day on manual milking stalls.

Would be good if the FH had a feed option on manual stalls like the automatic one. Maybe something along the lines of pausing milk output while handfeeding them? Just something so the FH can force feed cows who just ignore the pop ups from trying to feed them feed through MuffinOS

The anti afk check is timed in such a way 10 mins would not be enough to boot a bull. as anti afk have to check multiple times if someone missed a popup once. Anti afk was made to be slower and less invasive than original so 10 mins is not enough time to do a valid anti afk check.

Standard afk checker, cows get it every 5 minutes, Bulls do (if they are Milking) but not when they are Breeding. As Breeding is important then I would suggest if a Bull fails to Moo the second time (which would be after 10 Minutes in most cases) then they can't breed for an hour.

This would be to hard of a change to implement. Each stall would need to be able to store it's state and handle resets. Stalls are built as very thin clients with no storage besides dairy. There are many different ways to handle consent on a farm basis and now individual bull basis.

The ability to make each individual stall either consent or no consent instead of limiting it to a sim setting. Even if there is a HUD update most Bulls would still be hesitant without asking first. If a stall was in a clearly marked no-consent area there would be no need for that and would make RP more seamless. At the same time it would allow for Cows who want that power to deny to milk at the same sim in peace.

Capture RP system

This was in the system called the bounty system. It caused a bit of drama and consent issues and poaching. I might look into it later but not any time soon.

Ok this is a big one but may prove out to be alot of fun. How about at the beginning of each season every cow and bull is removed from their dairy and becomes free range. They have a couple days to go rejoin their preferred dairy or can remain free range. Cows that do not join up on their own are now free to be captured by farmhands, using a lasso object. This can include a new hud feature that helps farmhand locate a free range cow when they are both on a same sim. Once the cow is captured it can go to that farmhand's dairy to milk and receive its home dairy bonuses. (cows can still go anywhere they want to milk to be with friends, preferred bulls, etc) Additionally dairy owners can trade cows between dairies in exchange for moola, making some cows very valuable indeed. this opens it up for cool events like auctions, where prize cows and bulls can be sold to the highest bidder. This helps cows and bulls that choose to -feel like livestock, increases the fun, and provides a moola sink, hopefully increasing overall muffins activity and stimulating the economy, moola becoming more valuable as a means to purchase prize livestock.

Farm Equipment is tied to a the owner's key. Objects must be owned by an owner to be validated against licenses. This means owners have to do updates or rez stalls due to how sl rights work for scripts.

I propose to grant the farm manager the same rights as the owner of the farm. In the case of a long absence of the owner of the farm from the network, managers could perform the functions of the owner, including with the update of stalls and other objects of the farm. This will allow you to quickly update farm objects

More slots in HUD
Quality of Life

Pagination on inventory is being added. but the limitation is the memory sl allows for holding all the meta information about known inventory types.

With the Christmas rewards being something else than Candy, the HUD is no longer big enough to contain 1 stack of each item. Now I have been throwing my candy at undeserving cows to burn it fast enough, rather than being a treat. I really don't like that is necessary. And yes, we need to carry all those things. As a farm hand that spend time with the cows also outside the farm, need to carry the cure pills for when someone suddenly can't see the polo match or whatever else. Standard farm tending requires the feeds and both milk and seed boosts, as well as the butter. An argument could be made for not carrying Morning After as the use is so rare. But that won't fix the problem either. Christmas event alone is 2 items, and therefore too much, even for those who have spend all their candy. Lots of suggestions for new items, such as condoms are on as well. It all just points at us really really needing at least 1 more page in the HUD.

Purchases With Moolah
Quality of Life

This system does not have many sales to keep the system going. Licenses are a large portion of the sales. I agree this would be a cool feature but right now it's not feasible with the amount of sales currently.

The System Currency is great, but while there is plenty stuff to buy and now in bulk which is great. There is nothing really for a Farm to Save up for, not that it is easy if consistently running Nitro's and stuff. But to create a purpose of in a way investment for a farm BIG Purchases would be great. Some Suggestions (everything is in Moolah); 1. Utility Stall Licence 7500 MM$ 2. Milker Stall Licence 15000 MM$ Other things could be added in the future and maybe those prices are a bit high? It is Moolah though, which everybody gets, oh and as to "Owners" can only get Licence which is why it is done, as it is. That can still stay the same, a Licence gotten via the Moolah Store for a Farm is Licenced to that Farm, That Dairy Owner. Kinda like the Grain Silo for Feed which is attached to the Dairy that purchased it right? So the purchase of an additional licence would be treated as a Dairy Up Grade, exactly like when a "Feed Tank Upgrade" is purchased.

I'll think about it but for right now lewd is working well with the marketplace.

make lewd devices that still work if a farm has a severe shortage of seed somehow? there does not seem to be enough bulls or seed to keep livestock from getting ill if I am wrong sorry, just an observation

Sl only allows for a specific number of requests per user and per object. having realtime on all objects would push the limit for dairies with alot of users causing messages to be lost or rejected by sl. the website having realtime refreshes is also not that possible due to bandwidth charges for usage on our server.

This is me personally, but I think it'd be neat to watch your stats update in real time without having to constantly reload the pages would be awesome, again, just me, but yea X_X

Breeding chance bonus
Quality of Life

Give a bonus of 10 Breeding chase points, after 10 unsuccessful attempts for the cow, After all, it is an advantage for everyone that the cow becomes pregnant, and after 10 chances she wicks better luck.

The feed and breed are states that are checked on a milking cycle. they are not considered statuses. This would be to hard to check just on visiting the website as there isn't a quicky way for me to do it.

I propose to add the display of icons of bonuses such as feeding and breeding, as well as the time of their action on the livestock page, as is now done with the display of the bonus from shock, or pills Milk+/Seed+

I get this can get annoying but to keep the flow going and reduce amount of conformation messages I don't want to do this. I don't want everything in the system to require a Yes or No from the user. If someone does this to you please tell them to stop. A feature in future could be to block interaction with people though as a compromise.

Hi, I'm pretty tired of explaining every day, why I do not want to be shocked in certain roles, every time I explain, another FH seems to pop up and it starts all over again, I would suggest a certain item that disables being shocked unwantedly if possible, thank you. Have fun out there, and think before shocking:)

Buy items on the website
Quality of Life

I want users to go to vendors. Hopefully in the future this will be more interactive. but for right now will keep as is.

Would be nice if everyone could buy personal items at the website, without accessing vending machines. But there are own pros and cons... Pros: * locked to specific sim livestock could buy items. Cons: * owners may not want livestock to buy and use those items.

Having a leash would require some type of object attached to pony which is not a requirement currently. the power system active mode is meant to be well active. it's a treadmill. you have to actively move on it to do well. cows and bulls can get milked while idle but the pony role is meant to be an active situation. there are more updates coming to pony system though to add other flavor.

I'm still only just getting into it I admit, but I do have a couple of thoughts that might improve the experience for some. When a pony is added to a circle and they haven't met their quota, perhaps they should be locked and tethered just like the treadmills until their quota is filled. More complex I admit, but maybe add some kind of auto-whip or something if they stand still too long. Similarly, I notice is says that the stalls don't have an RLV function to them even when closed by a farmhand. Adding that may be a good idea so a farmhand (and perhaps a pony themselves) can lock a pony into a stall until they've fully recovered, or even add an auto lock upon entering a stall and not at full stamina. Sometimes even good ponies don't know what's good for them and must be forced to rest properly. :) I wonder if the mini game for power generation is a turn off for some as well. If I don't really stay on top of it, my production drops significantly and then I'll run out of stamina before I can fill my quota (just 5 Mwats right now), and I can't feed myself to recover stamina either. If nothing else, perhaps make the bonus last longer so it doesn't need quite so much constant up-keep. I do think some kind of adjustment needs to be made there since getting exhausted apparent affects a pony's grade (according to one thing I saw somewhere here), and it can be far too easy to let the bonus lapse and thus wind up running out of stamina before the quota has been filled. A little engagement is fine, but this might be a little too much engagement since being a bull or cow just requires the occasional AFK check. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it. One new but obedient pony signing off.

Marketplace now allows for selling of seed.

can you sell seed or provide additional seed or allow lewd devices to work at other farms or sell loaded lewd devices, not enough bulls and the existing bulls don't make enough seed to get the lewd devices to work and the existing bulls would like to have time to breed cows not be tied up making seed to get the lewd to work can any changes be made to improve this situation, sorry to bother you

This would be to large of a change.

It would be nice for cows and bulls to be able to be a part of multiple farms, with a limit of around three. Let them have a main farm they are owned by, and while they do get bonuses at the other farms they are a part of, the farm where they get the biggest bonus is their main farm.

Monthly stipend

This is an interesting idea. but i think no mater what i do people would still do the tank holding for reset. the monthly stipend is for dairies that are not that active to always be able to afford feed and one or two items. i'll consider something like this though.

I propose that instead of the flat rate of 1000 moolah at the start of each month, dairies get a stipend based on how much milk they have at reset with a minimum of 1000 moolah. Maybe 5 moolah for each seed left over at reset even. This way, dairies are not feeling stressed about delivering all of their milk and not feeling like all the milk and seed made was a wasted effort.

Forced Feeding Consent
Quality of Life

They are livestock.

Just as the title states. Everything else in this game requires consent to to be granted except feeding. Cows and bulls should have the option to refuse being force fed like they are all only livestock animals. Livestock are people and should have the right to not be forced to feed.

This may seem random, but there have been a lot of people asking if they can have a lower rate since they are smaller, or could start at a lower rate and move it up as they get "bigger" from continued milking beyond the leveling increases.

Livestock Roles

You can disable roles on my roles under my details. this removes your role.

i wish my pony role was gone completing, like it doesn't show on the website at all.