Milk Products!


Butter and ice cream are currently in beta phase with the pony churner. Ice cream bonuses are based on flavor.

Milk is a useful resource, but also very plentiful. So why not turn it into other things like: cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. These products could keep farmhands busy as they work a station to make the products. Alternative a new pony station could be made and stamina could be a factor in curbing the rate of production. As for the uses of these milk products, they can be used to unlock new buffs for the farmhands or higher rank buffs. Some examples are: -Better Manual milking -Faster transfer of deliveries -Unlock 2nd tier of stronger buffs (**Fx2**, **Shockx2**) -- things like that. Alternatively the milk products could also be sold for more Moolah. This is a simple idea, but this can really open up the gates to all sorts of things like crafting! Being able to craft food items. Did you know it is possible to make plastic out of milk? It was done in the past! I was not kidding about legit crafting. lol Some products like cheeses can also open up an avenue for all sorts kinds of cheeses and requiring unique methods of creating or additional time. Plus also lets you adding some stats such as grading of the cheese, age of cheese, etc. I could write up more and give more ideas/suggestions to this if needed. Just let me know :)