More HUD slots.


We need more slots for items / pills in the HUD. As a farm hand that also do things with the cows outside the farm, it is necessary to carry cures. For the daily workings at a farm need almost all the rest. Could argue the Morning After is not needed to carry since it is used so rarely. But when you need a Mooagra because someone has to go, there is no time to first go shop. With the Candy reward the HUD was full even when just having 1 of each. Now there are Mittens and Mooliday Cookies as well. I have already had to give a lot of candy to undeserving cows rather than use it as a treat because of the space issues. And now can not have Seed+ pills. More upcoming ideas for items/pills also add need for more stacks or constant store runs in the middle of milkings, which I think we do not need. Store runs are quite hurtful for any social interactions, even when SL works flawlessly, but we all know TP crashes are a common reality quickly turning a store run into a 10 minutes absence, and definitely don't want to start having to go as often again as in the past where we had to stand in line to shop.