More slots in HUD

Quality of Life

Pagination on inventory is being added. but the limitation is the memory sl allows for holding all the meta information about known inventory types.

With the Christmas rewards being something else than Candy, the HUD is no longer big enough to contain 1 stack of each item. Now I have been throwing my candy at undeserving cows to burn it fast enough, rather than being a treat. I really don't like that is necessary. And yes, we need to carry all those things. As a farm hand that spend time with the cows also outside the farm, need to carry the cure pills for when someone suddenly can't see the polo match or whatever else. Standard farm tending requires the feeds and both milk and seed boosts, as well as the butter. An argument could be made for not carrying Morning After as the use is so rare. But that won't fix the problem either. Christmas event alone is 2 items, and therefore too much, even for those who have spend all their candy. Lots of suggestions for new items, such as condoms are on as well. It all just points at us really really needing at least 1 more page in the HUD.