Purchases With Moolah

Quality of Life

This system does not have many sales to keep the system going. Licenses are a large portion of the sales. I agree this would be a cool feature but right now it's not feasible with the amount of sales currently.

The System Currency is great, but while there is plenty stuff to buy and now in bulk which is great. There is nothing really for a Farm to Save up for, not that it is easy if consistently running Nitro's and stuff. But to create a purpose of in a way investment for a farm BIG Purchases would be great. Some Suggestions (everything is in Moolah); 1. Utility Stall Licence 7500 MM$ 2. Milker Stall Licence 15000 MM$ Other things could be added in the future and maybe those prices are a bit high? It is Moolah though, which everybody gets, oh and as to "Owners" can only get Licence which is why it is done, as it is. That can still stay the same, a Licence gotten via the Moolah Store for a Farm is Licenced to that Farm, That Dairy Owner. Kinda like the Grain Silo for Feed which is attached to the Dairy that purchased it right? So the purchase of an additional licence would be treated as a Dairy Up Grade, exactly like when a "Feed Tank Upgrade" is purchased.