MuffinOS "Subliminals" Changes

Quality of Life

Currently the MuffinOS HUD is no-mod, which means editing the Messages notecard within it doesn't 'stick'. Alternatively, have the milkers override the HUD's message NC and use their Subliminals NC instead, while the livestock is sitting on the stall. This would only affect livestock being milked/seeded/bred, but does allow for farm owner customization. Another possible workaround would be to build a moddable object called Subliminals, that would ONLY contain a Messages notecard (and perhaps a relay script to read the NC and pass items back to the HUD using the API, see below). If this was attached along with the HUD, have it be the source of subliminal messages, instead of the internal notecard. In this way a farm owner could build their own Subliminal setup, and pass it to their livestock. (Assumption is the HUD is no-mod for a reason, to keep people from reverse-engineering it or breaking the RLV functions.) Add role-specific subliminal functions to the Utility stalls, so that the messages delivered are context sensitive to the livestock seated on them (calving, bull seeding, cow milking). Lastly, add subliminal message delivery to API messaging, so that builders can incorporate the subliminal text into gazers or other trance/hypnosis features. Suggest that they send not only the message, but a group or category tag, to allow for programming of image selections or sounds along with the messaging.