Non Con Extras - Whitelist, Farm specific ect

Quality of Life

First version of this is added to my breed consents on a per user basis instead of farm for now.

The idea is a whitelist/blacklist that is made by breed detection with either integrated in the cups/pump (which would be acessable for everyone) OR an option to create one in the muffin OS! This would allow non con per user base that would stay even if changing farms! Example: OS reads: "[05:38:32] MM - Milker Stall v.1.42 whispers: Bull registred: John Doe Level: 69" Cow gets blue pop up for breeding "Allow Now", "Allow Permanently" "Not Now" and "Blacklist" Allow Now will allow the Bull to mount onetime with consent and will have to ask for concent the next round! Allow Permanently will turn off the concent towards that bull! Not now will turn down the Bull and unsit him, but he can try again later if the cow agrees! Black list is selfexplanationatory! To remove a blacklisted or white listed person, OS has extra button in the cogwheel to remove a name from either list! Like so: 5 - Manage Lists 1 - List whitelisted residents 2 - Remove whitelisted residents 3 - List blacklisted residents 4 - Remove blacklisted residents I haven't thought a way up for how to add and remove people to the whitelist/blacklist on the cups yet but a modifyable notecard might work in either of the cups pumps have them talk to eachother? -------------------------------- The reason behind this, I know a lot of cows like to idle and sometimes miss the breeding pop up, if you have some bulls you can trust, you should be able to set them without having the whole farm to go non Con! (It's really hard as a non con farm to get anybody over to milk because they are very scared they might just get mounted by anybody even though we try to implement it as a QOL kind of thing), Plus it would be great for the "at home milker" idea! Since I am certain some cows would like the RP from doing milk at home! I forgot to add that Non Con set by farm should override that feature because non con is non con and should be treated as such! Thanks for taking the time to read this little idea ♥ Edit: quote from my lovey cow who put it better than I could with my words "No consent is perfect for me with me being mostly AFK. However I can understand why people like having consent enabled. At the end of the day, I've so far not been abused by any bulls, in house or out of house, at any of the farms that I've been at so I'd be happy to go full no consent.. More timid cows can have they're consent on to suit their needs."