Update "MM - Farm Management" terminals to support the API broadcasts that were added into the Milker/Utility Stalls & more.

Quality of Life

Currently any Farmhand or Cow/Bull that checks their level via the terminal doesn't get the recognition via 3rd party systems due to the API's not being added. Request the following be added: levelupfarmhand, levelupcow & levelupbull (same format as the stations) Also add the following: Moolah donation received (from who and the amount, this will permit the terminals being used to 'Pay' for moolah related services or rentals) Cow/Bull Joins dairy (UUID, name & roll(s)) Cow/Bull Joins MM system (UUID, name & roll(s)) Cow/Bull changes quota (UUID. name & new quota and quota type (cow/bull)) Plus anything else that seems valid to include ;)