Capture RP system


This was in the system called the bounty system. It caused a bit of drama and consent issues and poaching. I might look into it later but not any time soon.

Ok this is a big one but may prove out to be alot of fun. How about at the beginning of each season every cow and bull is removed from their dairy and becomes free range. They have a couple days to go rejoin their preferred dairy or can remain free range. Cows that do not join up on their own are now free to be captured by farmhands, using a lasso object. This can include a new hud feature that helps farmhand locate a free range cow when they are both on a same sim. Once the cow is captured it can go to that farmhand's dairy to milk and receive its home dairy bonuses. (cows can still go anywhere they want to milk to be with friends, preferred bulls, etc) Additionally dairy owners can trade cows between dairies in exchange for moola, making some cows very valuable indeed. this opens it up for cool events like auctions, where prize cows and bulls can be sold to the highest bidder. This helps cows and bulls that choose to -feel like livestock, increases the fun, and provides a moola sink, hopefully increasing overall muffins activity and stimulating the economy, moola becoming more valuable as a means to purchase prize livestock.