New Feed system


Many people have a fustration of waiting for the server to respond in order to deliver your feed from the fridge and if the sim is down you can't get it at all!. I have a potential new way of doing it. New Item: Feed Tank This item will display in real-time the amount of feed your farm currently has in the main tank. This tank will also be able to be used by Managers and the Farm Owner in order to withdraw 'Feed Crates' New Item: Feed Crate This crate contains 50 bottles of feed physically. As in it is a object that holds 50 bottles. This crate is obtainable from the feed tank by Managers and the Farm Owner. It works with the feed dispenser / fridges to fill them with those 50 bottles, and dispenses them directly instead of waiting for the server. Alternative method for this suggestion The crates would be a farm hand item, and work just like a tank, it fills from the feed tank and dispensers into the dispenser / fridges, granting EXP to that farmhand. This adds another minigame for farmhands to do. These crates would be locked to a specific farm when filled with feed from the tank just like milk tanks in order to prevent feed theft. Potentially fridges could come in different sizes in future, upgradable using moolah from the dairy. And along side that different sizes crates like the FH tanks. This may also allow for a potential future tie-in with a system in which farms can produce their own feed. This suggestion also has many potential variations, even as I've finished this I could go on about other ways to fill fridges. Suggestion made by Lightning#2387 on discord. Discord Message link I copied it from