Stop Auto-Renaming of Milking/Power/Utility Stalls Upon Reset

Quality of Life

Currently, all stalls will reset their names back to the original "MM - Milker Stall v.1.46" whenever anyone resets the stalls via the Farmhand button menu Reset option and/or manually resetting scripts. My suggestion is to please remove the llSetObjectName function entirely so that our permanently rezzed stalls can retain custom names. It is no secret that RLV users utilize the function to force sit others onto furniture. So, if you have multiple MM stalls that all have the same object name, you often have to guess which stall is the correct one to sit subs upon from the list given in any RLV relay's menu. No secure LSL function in the script should _require_ the stall to retain the original object name, so other than vanity there is no point in having llSetObjectName anywhere in there and removing it would improve quality of life for RLV users (and [*cough*OCD] dairy owners [*cough*like me] that might use area search to find specific stalls if you need another practical use-case scenario. ♥)