Calf rework


Whenever a Calf is born, a new item will be generated called "RoleName Essence", where a Cow can give birth to all roles based on what was consumed during the breeding. Ice cream would be the ideal item to be used as a role determinant for the calves. The calf item could be a little box with a particle and the color/name of the role. Maybe a flexible script so people could mod mesh into being the physical form of them. It could also be remotely stored in the dairy terminal or the farm owner's MuffinOS inventory. These essences would have 3 usages: 1- Role experience boost - each calf could store some level of experience, based on their grade. 2 - Working boost - spending a calf would give something similar to what a pill do, the max bonus would be similar to a pill. 3 - Pet Farm Boost - kinda like the house farm boost, but applied to guests as well. Value would be defined by the grade and amount of calves in the farm, up to 10 at time at grade 2 for maximum amount. Calf grades: They work similarly to player grades. The higher the parents' grades, the better the chances the calf will also have a high grade. A calf grade influences on how much bonus its essence will give. Calf adoption: Calves can be traded/adopted between farms by authorized farmhands. A farm's grade must be at least the same grade as the calf to accommodate it, that means a grade D farm won't be able to have a grade S pet farm. These are all general, kinda random ideas of how to give calf some usefulness. This can always be brainstormed and expanded!