Remember Last Page When Logging Into Website (Again)


Since the timeout on website personal logins has been very much shortened, it has become extremely frustrating to log back in 8 times a day. Muffin has already made it clear that due to bot exploits, this time out won't be changed again, however, I have a suggestion to at least mitigate some of its perverse effects. Present behavior on the website is that when the timeout chucks you out without warning, and you have to log back in, you arrive back at the main page, and then you have to find your way again to the page you were working on, which potentially involves several minutes of *schleppgaehnemoehlen* through slooooowly loading submenus before arriving back at the page where you were before you got chucked out. Would it be technically feasible for the website to remember the last page you were actually looking at before you were so unceremoniously chucked out, so that when you log back in, you are automatically redirected to the page you were on? This would be extremely useful and not particularly vulnerable to botting as far as I can tell :)