Inventory Item Definitions

Quality of Life

Add a description to the text that is printed chat to make it more clear what inventory items are for. As it is currently, when you click on an inventory item (Milk +, Seed +, etc.) the "Inventory Type" and your remaining count are printed in chat. For example: (Line1) Inventory Type: Mooliday Cookie (Line2) Count: 4. My suggestion is adding 1 or 2 more lines that describe what the boost does and what role it is for. For my example using Mooliday Cookies, this single new line would say something like "Description: Production boost for Milk, Seed, and/or Power" or in the case of 2 newly added lines the whole thing would look something like this: "(Line1) Inventory Type: Mooliday Cookie (Line2) Role: Cow, Bull, Pony. (Line3) Description: Production boost for Milk, Seed, and/or Power (Line4) Count: 4.