More RLV Shape folders?

Quality of Life

The idea of this is for the HUD to create and use more RLV folders to keep adding/taking off more attachments and parts the further a punishment goes on. So each day a quota is not met, the punishment worsens, and you get more things added/locked to you until you meet the required quota. This could work well with Addictions too, with a new attachment being added the longer an addiction is not taken care of by milking/breeding, say...for a timer of every 3 hours a new folder is added. The RLV folders could be set up like so... ~MM-Cow -Default -Default -Extreme1 -Extreme2 -Extreme3 -Full1 -Full2 -Full3 And the RLV could be triggered to take off all attachments and clothing first, so the user would have to add anything they wanted in that particular phase on top of what they had, but the work would largely have to come from individuals anyway. The trick is to lock those attachments/folders on the user until they satisfy the objectives.