Pre-Consent Per Notecard


There is consent lists for white listing people and blocking people. Consent Farms. Outside breeding only. And Consent popups. I think there is enough consent.

This would likely need to go into MuffinOS, altho there might be a way to add it to either Milking or Seed pumps. The idea is this: Specific people have given me permission to always breed without asking... "if I'm AFK I might miss the popup, but you don't have to ask me first". Or, they feel safe at certain farms, but not at others. So, if they could add their "approved" or a "denied" list to a notecard, then when either at a specific dairy or mounted by a specific person, if that location/person is on the Approved list, there is no popup and breeding commences. If the location/person is on the Denied list, there is no popup and the bull gets bounced off. Obviously, if neither of these checks "pass", the normal popup appears for Consent. Thanks to Davina for voicing this idea in a simple way.