Couple of improvement/change suggestions for ponies.


Having a leash would require some type of object attached to pony which is not a requirement currently. the power system active mode is meant to be well active. it's a treadmill. you have to actively move on it to do well. cows and bulls can get milked while idle but the pony role is meant to be an active situation. there are more updates coming to pony system though to add other flavor.

I'm still only just getting into it I admit, but I do have a couple of thoughts that might improve the experience for some. When a pony is added to a circle and they haven't met their quota, perhaps they should be locked and tethered just like the treadmills until their quota is filled. More complex I admit, but maybe add some kind of auto-whip or something if they stand still too long. Similarly, I notice is says that the stalls don't have an RLV function to them even when closed by a farmhand. Adding that may be a good idea so a farmhand (and perhaps a pony themselves) can lock a pony into a stall until they've fully recovered, or even add an auto lock upon entering a stall and not at full stamina. Sometimes even good ponies don't know what's good for them and must be forced to rest properly. :) I wonder if the mini game for power generation is a turn off for some as well. If I don't really stay on top of it, my production drops significantly and then I'll run out of stamina before I can fill my quota (just 5 Mwats right now), and I can't feed myself to recover stamina either. If nothing else, perhaps make the bonus last longer so it doesn't need quite so much constant up-keep. I do think some kind of adjustment needs to be made there since getting exhausted apparent affects a pony's grade (according to one thing I saw somewhere here), and it can be far too easy to let the bonus lapse and thus wind up running out of stamina before the quota has been filled. A little engagement is fine, but this might be a little too much engagement since being a bull or cow just requires the occasional AFK check. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it. One new but obedient pony signing off.