Summoo Time and Maintenance on Aug 3rd

Fruity Fun in the Sun v2

By: Muffin Pot : 8/3/2022 5:22:29 AM

Howdy Everyone!  First off August 3rd will see a maintenance time from 10 am slt to around 3pm slt. All Muffin's Milkers activities will be slow or unresponsive during this time.

You may see error and interruptions while this maintenance is happening. I will announce in game group and discord when maintenance is starting and ended.

Thank you for understanding.

Now for the fun stuff!

It's Summoo Time again! Event will be starting on August 4th so get ready to earn some treats!

All the rewards are earned by completing various tasks at different Dairy’s and Stables and each type of reward can be earned 10 times per day. 

To claim a reward you must have the MuffinOS hud. After you have completed a task click the Event award claim button as seen in this image. 

Event will start on August 4th around noon slt Event will last till August 25th around noon slt

Here is a list of the rewards and I’ll include an FAQ section at the end.

Enjoy everyone!


Pony Power Task

Ponies must generate 5 units of power at a stable to earn a reward

Reward is Grapes = gives a reduction in stamina rate for pony activities and gives a boost to power production.

Can earn 10 Grapes a day.

Pony Circles Task

Ponies must complete 50 circles at a stable to earn a reward

Reward is Strawberry = works like an energy bar with smaller delay. gains stamina instantly. 

Can earn 10 Strawberry a day.

Cow / Bull Task

Livestock must milk at least 5L milk or .25 seed at a dairy to earn a reward

Reward is orange slices = Boost to production similar to cookie so is a combined milk + and seed +

Cow / Bull can earn 10 per day.

Farm Hand Task

Farm Hands must deliver at least 10L of milk to a dairy

Reward is lemonade = Lemonade is a boost to manual milking and tank dispense speed 

Can earn 10 a day

FAQ and Info

There is no stack limit on Summoo Time Items

You must have a Hud to use event inventory items

Summoo Time Items will not affect grade

You must claim rewards by the end of the slt day! 

To receive event rewards, click the Event Rewards button on the hud (looks like a present). You will be alerted if you have received new rewards or that no rewards are available yet

Claim Award Image

Q: How many items per day can I earn at one dairy?

A: You can only earn each type of item one time per day per dairy / stable.

Q: Can I earn 2 orange slices per dairy I milk as a dual role? 

A: No, you will only earn 1 orange slice by milking either 5L milk or .25 seed

Q: Will the Summoo Time items we get expire or be removed after the event?

A: No

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Summoo Time items I can earn per day and different dairies?

A: Yes 10 of each type. 

Q: Is the Lemonade bonus applied to a farmhand? 

A: Yes.

Q: Can you use Summoo Time items on someone else? 

A: Yes. But Lemonade must be used on a farmhand.

Q: Will we be notified when we receive Summoo Time item?

A: Nope, just check your inventory via the event check button

Q: Will Summoo items stack?

A: Yes