Churner and Ice Cream Dispenser Release

Ponies, it's time to work!

By: Muffin Pot : 5/15/2022 10:29:37 PM

Howdy Everyone! 

It’s finally out, the Churner and Ice cream Dispenser. 

This system is specifically made for ponies but uses milk from cows and gives bonuses to different role types based on the ice cream flavor. 

This is a free update to everyone with a stable package or upgrade.

Ponies can get the new Churner from the gear givers just as cows and bulls get gear.

If your farm gear giver doesn’t have the pony icon, just give it a click to refresh. 

Stable owners can get the ice cream dispenser by doing a redelivery at the account terminal. It will be in the box as well as new documentation.

Here is the documentation pages for all the info but I’ll give a brief summary in this post as well:

Churner Documentation

Ice cream Dispenser Documentation

Ice cream System

Churner Lifecycle

Churners are a wearable tool that ponies can turn milk into either Butter or Ice Cream. 

Farm hands will need to fill a pony’s churner from a normal milk dispenser for regardless if they churn butter or ice cream.

Butter can be churned in order for a pony to earn a bit of moolah.

Once churned the pony will need to drop off at a designated butter drop off site. These are currently at the main store and the secret shop.

Main Store SLURL

Secret Shop SLURL

Ice cream is a bit more complicated. Ice cream requires power in order to churn and an additive for flavor. 

*Charging is done at the Ice cream Dispenser

Right now all basic additives are unlocked but this may change later. 

Here are the current additive bonus types:

(Each bonus gives 50% exp earned bonus for 30 minutes) 

  • Vanilla : Cow exp Bonus
  • Chocolate: Bull exp Bonus
  • Coffee: Worker exp Bonus
  • Blueberry: Pony exp Bonus

I am also looking into allowing users to create their own additive flavors and bonuses. But we will see how popular and used the system is first. 

Once a farm hand fills a pony’s churner with milk the farm hand will then need to charge the churner.

Charging the churner is done at an ice cream dispenser. This requires power from the stable battery. Lastly the pony will need to choose the additive by clicking the churner BEFORE they enable churning. 

Churning milk without an additive or without power will result in butter only being churned.

Once everything is prepared, enable churning! 

A pony can churn by walking, running, or jumping. Be Careful though, running and jumping can cause lumps which are wasted churn cycles.The higher the level the pony, the less likely for lumps. There will also be moolah items coming to prevent lumps as well. 

After a pony has finished churning the ice cream they can drop off that ice cream to an ice cream dispenser belonging to the same farm they filled up milk from. 

At last the ice cream is ready to be dispensed! Sorta…need a cone!

Click on an ice cream dispenser and select the ice cream menu. 

To eat ice cream you must first be wearing a cone. Click Get Cone and wait a few seconds to get a cone. 

Now that you have a cone you can select which ice cream you want to dispense. 

Remember that the type of additive added before churning results in the bonus the ice cream will give you when eaten. 

Click on the cone and select eat. Or you can give the cone to someone else to eat. 

While the ice cream bonus is active you will see an Arrow over your head for some activities showing the bonus is in effect. Or you can check the website on your livestock or worker detail pages. 

Other Additions To Website

-Lump created leaderboard has been added

-Ice cream eaten leaderboard added

-Distance leaderboard for over all and for farms has been added

Special Thanks

The beta testers, support, and I have put alot of work into this system. We will address issues that come up as quickly as we can. 

I want to personally thank all the testers and patreon supporters that helped make this product Finally come to the public.

But we hope you all enjoy this first version of the Churning and Ice cream System