Spring Bosom Festival and Other Updates!

April showers of milk bring May muffins!

By: Muffin Pot : 4/2/2022 5:40:43 PM

Howdy Everyone! 

It’s been awhile since I have done an update so let’s get a few things in this notice. 

Spring Bosom Festival Event

This event will run from Monday April 4th to April 30th. 

You can earn inventory item rewards by completing role specific tasks. This event is a bit different as Cow and Bull rewards are separated into separate rewards.


  • Award Name: Chocolate Bunny
  • Award Effect: Boost to milk Production
  • Award Per Day: 10, one for each dairy milked at 
  • Award Condition: 5L of milk at a dairy 


  • Award Name: Honey
  • Award Effect: Boost to seed Production
  • Award Per Day: 10, one for each dairy seed milked at 
  • Award Condition: .25 seed at a dairy 


  • Award Name: Oats
  • Award Effect: Boost to power Production
  • Award Per Day: 10, one for each stable power produced at
  • Award Condition: 10 power at a dairy 


  • Award Name: Umbrella
  • Award Effect: Boost to manual milking. Tank filling
  • Award Per Day: 10, one for each dairy delivered milk to
  • Award Condition:  10 milk delivered to a dairy

To receive event rewards, click the Event Rewards button on the MuffinOS HUD (looks like a present). You will be alerted if you have received a reward or that no rewards are available yet.

How To Get Awards

Hope you all enjoy! 

Icecream and Churner Updates

The churner and icecream dispenser are the next large update to Muffin’s Milkers. This update will be for ponies to be able to churn milk into various products. Ponies churn the milk by just walking around, running, or jumping but be careful not to cause lumps! The two churning products starting off will be Icecream and Butter. 

Milk Churner

Icecream can be flavored with various additives. These additives give bonuses based on their type. Eventually farms will be able to create their own flavors and bonuses as well as unlock special flavors. Once the milk is churned by the pony, the icecream is dropped off at an icecream dispenser belonging to the farm that filled the churner. Then users can receive cones of icecream. Eating the icecream will provide the additive bonus.

Icecream DIspenser

Butter is a simpler process. It is sold to the Bank of Muffin product dropoff. This will earn the pony and farm Moolah. 

And yes there will be churned amount leaderboards.

This will be a free update to those who own stables!

Pony Carts

After churner, the next update are the pony carts. I’ll have more information about this later but here are the two carts. One is for transporting large amounts of milk (amount of milk is based on pony’s level with 100L of milk being the starting amount). Ponies must pull a minimum distance to be allowed to deliver the milk. A farmhand must be with the pony to fill and drop off the milk. Pulling longer distance will gain a larger Moolah drop off bonus.

Pony Milk Cart

The other cart is for cart training. A farmhand can ride and train the pony as well as having someone else ride on the back. The pony will receive exp for cart training as well as the farmhand. Cart distances will be tracked for a leaderboard as well. 

Pony Training Cart

Various Website Additions

  • Reworked All Award Pages to be faster loading
  • Reworked farm button layout a bit
  • Fixed issues with farmhand delivery audit
  • Added ability to remove dispensers from web lists 
  • Added additive and Icecream dispenser pages 

Updates and Known Bugs

Known bugs issues being addressed soon are: 


  • Ability to disable all RLV vision effects on MuffinOS Hud
  • Fix for MuffinOS hud inventory items missing texture bug

Feed Dispenser

  • Fix for when selecting no animation unable to switch back