Milk And Treat Event 2021

Happy Halloween and Happy Milk and Treat!

By: Muffin Pot : 10/10/2021 8:22:44 PM

Howdy Everyone! 

Another event is upon us! Milk and Treat! 

This was the first event we ever did with Muffin's Milkers last year and this year we are bringing it back with a few additions. 

Last year there was no pony system at this time and farm hands couldn't earn rewards either. This year ponies and farm hands can now participate.

Below is all the info. Hope you all have a wonderful October and Halloween! 

Happy Milk and Treat everyone!


General Info

-Event will last till midnight October 31st

-Must have a MuffinOS HUD to participate

-Rewards must be claimed before the end of the day

-If you have no inventory room, the items will be stored till a slot frees up

To receive event rewards, click the Event Rewards button on the hud (looks like a present). 

You will be alerted if you have received new candy or that no rewards are available yet.

Livestock Reward - Milk Candy 

-Cows and Bulls Earn Candy by milking at different dairies 

-Each dairy livestock milk at earns them 1 candy per day

-Can earn up to 10 candies per day 

-Must milk 5L milk or .5 seed at a dairy to earn the candy 

-Candy boosts milk production, seed production, and power production (for pony)

-Item does not effect grade for any livestock role

Farm Hand Reward - Bubble Gum 

-Farm hands earn gum by delivering milk

-Each dairy deliver at least 10L of milk will earn 1 gum 

-Can earn up to 10 gum piece a day

-Gives boost to manual milking and manual seed milking

-Gives boost to tank dispense rate 

Pony Reward - Candy Apple 

-Ponies earn rewards by producing power at stables

-Must produce at least 5 power to get a reward

-Can earn up to 10 candy apples per day

-Candy apples replenish 40 stamina instantly when used

-Item does not effect Grade