Featured Farms and Support Tickets Update

Visit the featured farms for bonuses!

By: Muffin Pot : 10/2/2021 10:19:53 PM

Howdy Everyone!

Coming to you today to announce the Featured farms update. 

This update was created due to an increase in drama and other harmful community interactions caused by the Dairy / Farm based leaderboards. 

Dairy and Farm leaderboards have now been removed from the website. There is a plan to bring these back (as an opt-in league) but this will come later.

It has also been suggested many times to promote dairies and farms that might not be on the top 10 list of Dairy / Farms. The supply and demand was a first attempt at this. Now featured farms is the next update to help bring awareness to maybe less visited Dairies / Farms.

Featured farms will be rotated every three days from eligible farms. Featured farms will have a bonus to production rates for milk, seed, and power. This bonus will be shown as *FF*.

Featured farms will also have a constant Very High Demand for milk deliveries. 

To be eligible for to be selected as a featured farm:

1.) Must not be inactive on supply and demand bonus

2.) Must have a SLURL 

3.) Must have livestock that are part of the farm

4.) Must have completed one achievement 

5.) Must not have been featured in the current cycle

6.) Must have description

7.) Must have keywords

Any farm can check their eligibility from their farm report page. When featured, a farm will be listed on the home page of Muffin’s Milkers as a featured farm as well as have an indicator on their farm report page. 

If you don’t want to be a featured farm there is a new hidden check box on the farm Management Page. This will prevent your farm from being featured. This will also, in the future, hide more things about your farm so it’s a bit more private. 

Featured farms may be balanced a bit but for now I hope this helps users locate and experience lesser-known locations.

Support Tickets

Support tickets have been added to the website. To view or add support tickets, after logging in, there will be a new support link on the main menu. Users can also go to their My Details page to see a button for their Support Tickets. 

Support tickets are being added to help out users that message me directly and don’t want to use discord. 

Sometimes these messages are lost as my IM’s are capped regularly. I welcome anyone who sees users needing help in the SL group to recommend they make a support ticket. 

Support tickets will be responded to by me and the support team. 

Please also remember I do work a RL job as well and address these support issues after work. 

Topics will initially be:

  • Inworld Support - Inworld support is for any product that is currently having an issue ingame. 

  • Website Support - Website support is for issues involving the Muffin's Milkers website.

  • Abuse / Cheating - Abuse and Cheating is to report any user or farm for abuse or cheating. Make sure to include as much detail as possible. Such as screenshots,  names, sim location, and any other helpful information.

  • Product Support - General product support

  • Bad SLURL - Give the name of a farm that has a bad SLURL

  • Offensive Name - Name of an offensive farm or User

  • Other - Any other issues you may have reported here.

The support email will remain an option as well for receiving support. 

Hope everyone enjoys these updates as I continue to improve the Muffin’s Milkers system!