Suggestions Update

Breeding Consent Expansion and Favorite Farms

By: Muffin Pot : 7/11/2021 4:01:11 AM

Howdy Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile, but I’m happy to bring you an update based purely on suggestions from the community. 

These updates focus around breeding and website improvements. There is also an update to the MuffinOS Hud to enable auto consent breeding (more below).

I’ll post the patch notes then explain a bit of the changes in detail.

Another update round is coming soon after this one as well as some news for future expansion plans and a summer event. 

Patch Notes

Breed Consent Expansion:

- Added My Breed Consents page that can be reached from My details

- Added button on breed consents page for Auto Accept Breed Consents that can be enabled or disabled.

- Added ability to whitelist (allow breeding), blacklist (disallow breeding), and remove breeding settings of specific users. 

Favorite Farms

- Added my Favorite Farms to my details page

- Added Favorite Farms link once farms have been Favorited to the farms links drop down

-To favorite a farm, click the heart button on a farm's report page.

-To remove the favorite, click the filled in heart again or go to my favorite farms and hit remove

Lockout for website:

- Added is a lockout feature. if you mess up a password 10 times you are locked out and have to use the terminal to reset password

Cattle prod shock status:

- Added to livestock details 

- Added to worker details 

Milk / Seed / Power Cycles:

- Added livestock details pages. This is a compromise for the showing of "time on stall" suggestions.

Power / Circles last 30 days:

- Added to pony livestock details page

Other MuffinOS

-Fixed issue when not a farm hand would cause inworld worker page to crash

Muffin OS Updates 1.70:

- Added settings option for Enable / Disable Auto Breed Consent (can be found by clicking gear button on MuffinOS)

- Added favorite farms to inworld livestock profile page

- Added favorite farms to inworld worker status page

Breeding Expansion Explanation

The breeding consent suggestions have been a constant request. I’ve been reluctant to make any changes as this topic always causes some complaints either way. My goal with these changes was to attempt to satisfy the top voted suggestions as well as minimize the impact on users that don’t care as much. 

All farm consent settings remain the same. If your farm has consent: there is still consent. If your farm has no consent: there still is no consent. 

These new breed settings allow a single user to bypass these consent on a per user basis.

If you breed at a consent farm and don’t want to have to give consent each time to a trusted person, add them to your white list. 

If you breed at a no consent farm and someone keeps harassing you, add them to your black list.

Remember, you can always remove these settings to treat the user as normal for the farm's breed setting. 

For clarification, allow outside breed setting for a farm is always checked regardless of white listed bulls.

The idea is to eventually add the breed consent settings to the stalls themselves and MuffinOs.

The blacklist is not intended to be used as a way to blacklist all bulls except one. If abused (ie adding hundreds of bulls to a black list for a single user) users will be limited in their black list numbers unless a valid reason is given. 

For no consent farms, if someone is abusing this system at your farm, they are probably not interested in no consent.

I will be watching this feature closely and will balance it accordingly.. 

Lastly, for breeding expansion is the auto consent. When this is enabled, users breeding you will never be given a consent popup. This is disabled by default. 

It can be enabled via the website breed settings or from the MuffinOS 1.70 and above. For MuffinOS, click the gear icon when the HUD is opened and click the “Enable” or “Disable” Auto consent option.

Favorite Farms

Favorite farms have also been requested for some time. The idea is users could find their favorite locations and save them. 

Users will notice hearts on farm pages when logged in. Clicking the heart will favorite the farm. Clicking it again will remove the farm as favorite. You can also remove a favorite by going to my favorite farms after clicking my details on the website.

You can view your favorite farms in game as a worker or livestock by using the MuffinOS profile or worker status Apps. 

Cycles and Cattle Prod

Time on milker has always been requested. This is not so easy to do as SL time isn’t always the same per sim. Due to this, all milk calculations are done on the server in terms of cycles. Cycles represent a given time period for each valid milk request. So my compromise to showing time is to show daily cycles. Hopefully this helps.

Cattle prod status has also been a big request. Livestock and worker details now have their respective stats for the cattle prod usage. 

Login Lockout

We've  had some users try to attack the website over the last few weeks. To protect everyone’s account, I have put in a lockout feature if a password fails too many times. To reset your password when locked out, go to the main store and click the blue terminal to request a new password. 

The rest of the updates are mostly smaller requests by users and self explanatory. 

Hope you all enjoy these updates and are ready for more things to come! Also to everyone that makes suggestions. I do read them all and try to get to them the best I can.