Season 9 and the Trading Floor

Seed and Power delivery

By: Muffin Pot : 5/1/2021 4:19:47 PM

Howdy Everyone! 

Thank you all for another record breaking season of Muffin's Milkers. We had more cows, bulls, and workers participate than ever before. Congrats to all the winners as well. 

Milk and Seed Season awards have been given out with the new worker, breeder, and pony awards coming very soon. 

There are a few changes and updates for season 9 though. Many of the changes ware going to be rolled out slowly over the first two weeks of the season. 

Season 9 Changes

- Breeds done with stimulation will no longer count for a bull's monthly or over all breed total 

- Worker Exp for pony circles will be greatly increased 

- Ponies will now be subject to viruses and conditions the same as Cows and Bulls

- Pony grade will now effect Farm grade 

- Moolah rewards for Quotas will be lowered slightly 

- Dairies without ponies will be given a battery to be able to use power bought off the Trading Floor (more on this below)

New Gear Vendor

A new gear vendor will be given out today to all farm owners. 

This gear vendor will now allow for quicker updates of Livestock and Worker gear by requesting directly from the server new versions instead of relying on a new version of the gear vendor with the items inside. 

This has always been a limiting factor for Livestock and Worker gear as it meant that farm owners had to update the gear vendor first before any users could get updated gear. 

This vendor also now has a slot for the Pony gear that is being worked on. Once this is ready, the gear vendor will display the Pony Gear option. 

Monthly Farm Bonuses 

Bonuses will be added for farms to be able to purchase for the month. These bonuses will have tiers. You must purchase the lower tier first to upgrade the bonus.

Information on each bonus and their costs can be found here.

Monthly Bonuses

These are a work in progress and more utility ones may be added.

The idea behind the monthly bonuses is to give farms something to spend large amounts of moolah on. Each bonus also requires power upkeep to function. When power runs out, the bonus still exists just will not be applied. 

Power for these bonuses is taken every hour, if at least 1 cow or bull is milking.  There is no increased power usage for extra stalls.

This feature is currently being tested and is planned to come out middle of May. 

Trading Floor - Seed and Power Delivery

The trading floor is a way for farms to list their excess Seed and Power for Moolah. Farms set their own prices for these resources as long as it meets a minimum amount. 

Farm owners and managers can place Sell orders for seed and power. 

Farm owners and managers can purchase these orders for their farms. 

Once orders are purchased, any farmhand for the purchasing farm can pick up the order in game.

Orders are picked at a new Seed and Power Distributor which will be given out to farm owners. 

For picking up Power orders, farmhands use a new Batterybox item to pickup and drop off orders to and from the Distributor. This will be available from the Worker gear on the new gear vendor. 

For picking up Seed orders, farm hands must bring a livestock fitted with the new Cum Tank Plug. This plug is available to cows and bulls from the new gear vendor. Farmhands will use the livestock as a tank to transport the seed.

Be warned though that if the cow is a breeder and not pregnant, their is a chance they might randomly become inseminated during the process. 

All orders again are picked up and dropped off at the New Seed and Power Distributor. 

As this is a large process I ask  patience in dealing with any bugs this new update has. 

For more information on the components and process see these links:

Trading Floor

Seed and Power Distributor


Cum Tank Plug


After all the above changes and updates pushed out, the rest of may will be focused on top voted suggestions. 

I hope everyone will enjoy these updates! 

Please note that alot of these will not be live at the time of this news but be patient and follow the discord for more update information.

Enjoy !