February News: Pony System Release


By: Muffin Pot : 2/1/2021 8:04:10 PM

Howdy Everyone,

I'm happy to announce the release of the pony system. 

If you haven't seen January's video I recommend watching this for an overview of the system. 

There are also many new documentation pages. These pages, and the FAQ, are still a work in progress but we are on it. 

Many other updates came out this month as well including an update to Management Terminal, Feed Dispenser, and new Moolah items. 


Stable Documentation

Pony Role Documentation

Stamina Documentation

Treadmill Stall Documentation

Circle Trainer Documentation

Livestock Stall Documentation

Stable Packages and Dairy Upgrades

Dairy owners can upgrade their dairy to include a stable with the Stable Upgrade Package. This upgrade is 2500L and comes with all the stable package products and licenses for each stall.

New Stable owners will need to purchase the stable package for 5000L which comes with the ability to register your stable just as dairies do.

A note on dairy owners that might want power but not want a stable. Power delivery is coming to this system. If you want to just get power for your farm you don't need a stable but you will need to wait till power delivery is ready. 

Pony Role

Pony role is available to everyone now. A pony can join a stable and a dairy. They can also be a part of the same stable and dairy.

Ponies will have a HUD update for punishments / requirements coming soon.

Beta Tester Dairy Owners

Beta Tester Dairy Owners, use the redelivery at the main store to get your release package. 

New Moolah Items

Dairy Moolah Store

  • Nitro Power Boost - This boosts the output of your entire farm's pony power generation for a duration.
  • Soothing Music - This boosts the stamina recovery of ponies in a livestock stall for your entire farm.

User Moolah Vendor

  • Pony Pill: Power - This pill will increased the power production by a pony for a duration. 
  • Stamina Energy bar - This will instantly recover a pony's stamina.
  • Pony Pill: Stamina Recovery - This will increase a pony stamina over time while recovering stamina in a livestock stall. 
  • Full Meal - Will feed a max of 5 feed for the day. Will feed any amount remaining if any feed has been eaten for the day. .5 must be fed by using full meal in order to get a feed bonus
  • Condom - Used to 100% prevent a pregnancy. Used on a bull.

Management Terminal and Feed Dispenser

Management Terminal

  • Fixed issue where 'yes' on joining dairy and breeding status was case sensitive
  • Added ability to toggle powered 
  • Enabled All famhands to recharge cattle prod
  • Registration for Pony
  • Farm Hand Settings for Pony
  • Set Power Quota (for treadmill stall)
  • Set Circle Quota (for circle trainer)
  • Pony Info on my Details 

Feed Dispenser 

  • Role base feeding check for pony 
  • Fixed bug with feed dispenser when re-rezzing would loose dispenser key

New Plans

Current plan is to work on power delivery and seed delivery. 

Power delivery is going to allow dairies that are not stables to use power for various aspects. 

Seed delivery is going to allow cows to pick up seed at dairies selling seed. 

Power and seed delivery will be done a bit differently than milk delivery. Power and seed delivery will be a dairy or stable Selling their resources. 

Power delivery can also be used to supplement power if a stable doesn't make enough for their dairy.

After the seed and power delivery will come a HUD update for Ponies that will include punishments for missing quotas and other rlv aspects as well as the start of the new pony event system.


Hope everyone enjoys these updates!

Please note that with so many changing aspects there are bound to be bugs. Bare with me and I will address and support the system as issues come up!