Season 8

Happy Moo Year!

By: Muffin Pot : 1/1/2021 10:24:20 PM

Howdy Everyone!

It's the 8th season now for Muffin's Milkers and I am doing a bit of balance changes for Moolah along with a few other aspects. I'll List the changes then go over the reasoning. 

Season 8 Changes

  • Feed Supplement Item increased Moolah price to 15 
  • Farm hand Milk delivery rewards reduced by 25% 
  • Dairy Milk delivery rewards reduced by 25% 
  • Cow Quota rewards increased by 3x. Cows earn 3 Moolah per 1 L quota + grade bonus
  • Bull Quota rewards increased by 3x. Bulls earn 3 Moolah per .1 ml quota + grade bonus
  • 3 Medical Conditions are now easier to get. Make sure to vaccinate! 
  • Increased seed rates will stay from last season
  • Rewards will be added for Farmhand Milk Delivery per month and Season 
  • Rewards will be added for Bull breeds per month
  • Made Dairy grade S easier to obtain 
  • Increased the amount of items a Cow / Bull can use per grade period to maintain grade

*NOTE these changes are taking effect as of this announcement* 

Change Explanations

Feed supplements are being increased due to their over reliance over dairy feeding. Feed supplements are designed to be a backup. Not a primary source of feed.

Now the biggest change is going to be to the Moolah farmhands receive for delivery. This Moolah reward amount, by far, is the best way to generate Moolah. 

Many livestock have commented that the Moolah they make from quotas doesn't come close to the time comparison. This is true and has always been an issue. 

This change is another step in the direction of bringing the Moolah generation to a more fair state. Keep in mind though that farmhands still will make far more than livestock. 

Also note that Milk delivery will still get bonuses from delivery bonus, daily bonus, and supply and demand bonus.

The medical system has been quite lackluster in a way to utilize seed from bulls for vaccinations / treatments with LEWD.

The medical system itself is only in it's first phase though with severity and other aspects still remaining in development. 

This change will increase the rate of infection of three different medical conditions currently out there. This is not meant to be a huge burden but just a reminder to vaccinate livestock and check up on them. 

Seed rates last season were effected by an unforeseen change. These rates will stay in however as bulls have indicated this has helped with keeping up with LEWD usage. I want to see more LEWD usage so keeping these rates in.

There will be new farmhand and bull awards starting this season. These are milk delivery for farmhand and bull breeding for bulls. More rewards are planned as well. 

Also keep an eye out for the new reward artwork that will be soon specific to each role. 

Dairy S rank has been almost impossible to achieve. This has now been made slightly easier to achieve. 

Lastly, the amount of items, that are harmful to grade, that a user can take in a grade period has been increased.

I have always been reluctant to give this number out, but officially now the base amount of items a users can take is 70 over the 7 day grade period.

After that amount your grade will start to be effected. The more items past 70 the more the grade will be effected. There are 5 thresholds of used item counts above 70.  

Note again that this is only counting to items that effect grade. These items include any pills such as milk+ or endurance and any status effects such as quota blocker or addiction blocker. 


Muffin's Milkers has grown so much thanks to it's community over the last year. These balance change are meant to address some growing pains of the system. If some of the changes don't work out, they will be re-evaluated. 

Lots of updates as normal are coming soon as well! 

I hope all the Dairies and livestock will welcome the new ponies and stables soon that will be coming to the community. 

The first phase of the pony system is planned to come out some time late January. Power delivery and a market for power will be coming soon after that. 

Smaller updates such as the Bull Condom and Five Course Meal item will also be coming out soon. 

Hope everyone had a great new year's and will continue to enjoy Muffin's Milkers!