Muffin’s Milkers Privacy Policy

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User Accounts:

Muffin’s Milkers retains no personal information on a user account other than information made available through Second Life public fields.

These include:

  • Second Life Key (unique identifier)
  • Username
  • Display name

No other identifying information is stored within Muffin’s Milkers data.

Website Data:

Muffin’s Milkers website does use cookies but only for session management, table sorting, and user preferences. No identifying information is collected on Muffin’s Milkers website. Muffin’s Milkers will not track any real world information.

Using Your Data:

Muffin’s Milkers does not use your data beyond services that Muffin’s Milkers provides within our products. Data from Muffin’s Milkers is only used by Muffin’s Milkers. Muffin’s Milkers will never share your data outside of Muffin’s Milkers.

Buying Products:

When buying a product Muffin’s Milkers retains a record of your purchase.

Linden Dollar transactions are stored by Second Life.

Muffin’s Milkers will also use the record of this purchase to give updates and news for products.

Registering Dairy / Products:

Muffin’s Milkers retains records of registration of products. These registrations only retain Second Life information same as the user accounts. This information is only used to verify allowed usage of products.

Stats and Other User Data:

All stats recorded by Muffin’s Milkers is only associated with Second Life user accounts.

Deleting User Data:

Users can delete their accounts from the MyDetails Page of the website. This will remove all links to their Second Life account and remove their ability to have stats tracked or log onto Muffin’s Milkers website.

Users can also contact Muffin’s Milkers through support or Discord to have an Account removed.

This account can not be undone as there will be no way to associate data again to a Second Life Account.