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Muffin's Milkers is a hobby project by Muffin (Taka Salome). Originally, the milkers were created as a way for people to share in hucow milking rp at our dairy community. It was also done as stationary stalls in order to have a single gathering location for people. This worked quite well for some time and our small community was pretty happy. Eventually though the original dairy owners and staff moved on to other ventures and the daily management of the dairy became an issue.

I kept up with the project adding small features to the milkers and supporting the servers. This was just a fun side project till summer of 2018. At this time my server hosting had to be switched and the database had to be changed over to a different type. After switching the entire database backend and replacing of the original services, I took a break but kept the system running.

When I came back to the system, I had noticed that quite a few cows and bulls had been registered. Sadly though the number of farm hands and staff was still quite low. I started working hard on making a distributable version of the dairy. I want this system to keep going and to give other people the opportunity to enjoy the role playing possibilities and to manage their own dairies. I hope to keep adding larger features in the future as long as there is interest in the system!