A private Farm, for those special friends and family of Amaleh Dharkfang. Bring no drama or bullshit here, bring only kindness, lust, depravity and love as well as milk and seed. Drama and Negativity will cause you to not be welcome. To visit just IM Amaleh Xi(account name) and she will get you access

Farm Options

Breeding Consent: No
Outside Breeding: No
Outside Medical Treatement: Yes
Max Dispensed Milk Per Day: 180


Owner: ღღ Ąmαℓєh Đhαʀкբαռg ღღ
Has Stable Package: Yes
Grade: D
Eligible for Featured: No - Missing Description
Cow Count: 50
Bull Count: 25
Pony Count: 6
Farm Hand Count: 22
Milk Total: 38357.77
Seed Total: 1887.19
Deliveries To Last 8 Hours: 480
Deliveries From Last 8 Hours: 240
Supply Bonus: High
Demand Bonus: Normal
Current Dairy Milk Tank*: 17.46
Current Dairy Seed Tank*: 8.25
*dairy milk and seed tanks reset each month


Status Name Duration Ending

Power Status

Currently Powered: Yes
Current Stable Battery: 0 mW
Used Power Total: 28.6 mW
Used Power Today: 0 mW
Produced Power Total: 159.105 mW
Produced Power Today: 0 mW

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