We would be happy if you come and visit us. Just bring fun and good humour , home stables available for cows and pony, grazing grass & disabled facilitys with special needs Custom milking also , always if available a good experienced farm hand to help you get best from mm. Our Land Is not Restricted , Gridwide Trivia also if so like ..nearby free homes for good cows and pony,s ! rental of also if like so , just look forTokyo for help in any we can do for you ,Medical Centre.Hucow Home Stables .Harbourside,Rlv Gold Dig ,Domme .Dom. Slave.s Welcome. >> Raz Places Gold ,Dig in Rocks by River for slaves to give for Domme & Dom.s Of all Status=Homesky city drop off =http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esta%20Noche/106/250/2957 SpaceCars to take you over region up into Sky City Alt Drop off with A different feel sit in Red cars for slower trip approx 1 hour 30 mins !& Whoreville Village needs more girls to rent cheap & work here always Good Rates of ))

Nature, Beauty, Garden, River, Birds aplace to live ! .. Community, Driven with Roleplay , Medical Centre ,etc Skycity , & Harbourside, all within Esta Noche,BDSM RLV .Dom>Domme Real Hucow. Applauded, Stables & 2nd drop off http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esta%20Noche/62/25/2

Farm Options

Breeding Consent: No
Outside Breeding: Yes
Outside Medical Treatement: Yes
Max Dispensed Milk Per Day: 120


Owner: Tokyo
Has Stable Package: Yes
Grade: A
Eligible for Featured: No - Was Already Featured this Cycle
Cow Count: 5
Bull Count: 3
Pony Count: 2
Farm Hand Count: 15
Milk Total: 54616.24
Seed Total: 3445.5
Deliveries To Last 8 Hours: 120
Deliveries From Last 8 Hours: 60
Supply Bonus: Very High
Demand Bonus: High
Current Dairy Milk Tank*: 656.07
Current Dairy Seed Tank*: 50.61
*dairy milk and seed tanks reset each month


Status Name Duration Ending

Power Status

Currently Powered: No
Current Stable Battery: 129.667 mW
Used Power Total: 3482.7 mW
Used Power Today: 0 mW
Produced Power Total: 5360.271 mW
Produced Power Today: 0 mW

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