Far Away Farm The laid back dairy where everyone milk and breed and have fun. Bulls remember not to clock the girls between breds as it will make some less furtunate bulls have their chance to breed .Mused, Ivory and MM , Mama allpa and Deciduan.

Cows, Hucows, Female human, Male humans, Hubulls, Bulls, Milk, mused milk, Ivory milk, Breed, Hangout, Explore

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Breeding Consent: No
Outside Breeding: Yes
Outside Medical Treatement: Yes


Owner: Pax South
Has Stable Package: No
Grade: B
Eligible for Featured: No - Was Already Featured this Cycle
Cow Count: 5
Bull Count: 4
Farm Hand Count: 7
Milk Total: 44707.18
Seed Total: 3018.48
Deliveries To Last 8 Hours: 0
Deliveries From Last 8 Hours: 0
Supply Bonus: Inactive
Demand Bonus: Inactive
Current Dairy Milk Tank*: 0
Current Dairy Seed Tank*: 0
*dairy milk and seed tanks reset each month


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