The Lost Milk Farm

Hidden by the trees, with a view on the crystal blue ocean, lays an old decaying workshop. Discovered by me, Tanya, and my hubby, Fred, the workshop and surrounding grounds got transformed into a Muffin's Milkers farm. If you're in the mood for some semi industrial environment, just want to milk with a view on the crystal blue sea, run some pony circles in a low lag zone, or just want to relax near a pond full of life. It doesn't matter if you're a cow, bull or pony, but you want to share your milk, seed and/or power with us, you're very welcome. We have the classic milker stalls and some modded ones, some bought, some modded or build by ourselves. All modded milkers have a nice amount of milking, cuddles and breeding animations available!!! Happy milking...

Cow, Bull, Pony, Milk, Seed, Power, Industrial, Nature, Forest, Cosy

Farm Options

Breeding Consent: Yes
Outside Breeding: Yes
Outside Medical Treatement: Yes
Max Dispensed Milk Per Day: 240


Owner: Tanya
Has Stable Package: Yes
Grade: C
Eligible for Featured: No - Was Already Featured this Cycle
Cow Count: 2
Bull Count: 2
Pony Count: 2
Farm Hand Count: 3
Milk Total: 32152.57
Seed Total: 2744.17
Deliveries To Last 8 Hours: 10
Deliveries From Last 8 Hours: 200
Supply Bonus: High
Demand Bonus: Very High
Current Dairy Milk Tank*: 246.6
Current Dairy Seed Tank*: 62.68
*dairy milk and seed tanks reset each month


Status Name Duration Ending

Power Status

Currently Powered: No
Current Stable Battery: 566.591 mW
Used Power Total: 6112.85 mW
Used Power Today: 0 mW
Produced Power Total: 11189.26 mW
Produced Power Today: 9.06 mW

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