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What is the best way to get direct support?

Visit the discord and post in the support section. Almost always support is resolved in a few hours. 

When does my *Limit* Go away?

This is reset on the sl day. But you can increase your Level Limit by eating feed

How do I see my rate and Level Limit information? How much of my Level Limit is remaining?

Go to your livestock details page. Here you can see all your stats. Below is an example of this page.


What does *Limit* in bonus mean?

This means the livestock has reached the max of their Level Limit for the day. This limit can be increased with feed until the max amount of feed has been eaten that day. Level Limits reset on the sl day.

Why is there a limit on feed and breeding?

There are some that abused the system and would feed and breed for many many hours a day. This caused the system to be unbalanced. All changes are in an effort to keep the system within a reasonable milking rate balance.

Does *Limit* text effect breeding?

Once limit is hit you will not get a bonus from breeding.

Who created Muffin's Milkers? How do I get in contact with Muffins Milkers?

Muffin's Milkers is a hobby project of Muffin (Taka Salome).

Support Email

How much does it cost to milk as a cow or bull?

Cow and Bull registration is free. To register, go to any Muffin's Milkers terminal and click on the registration options. Once you are registered you can then click any of the gear boxes to start milking.

Cows need to wear the breast pumps to start the milking.

Bulls need to wear the seed pump to start milking.

After registration, sit on any Muffin's Milkers stall to start milking. There are various dairies to milk for so have fun!

Where can I purchase a Muffin's Milkers Dairy Kit?

Muffin's Milkers can be bought at the main store.


What is included in Muffin's Milkers Dairy Kit?

Dairy Kit General Info

  • Dairy Kit consists of a management terminal, gear giver, five milker stalls, and three utility stalls.
  • Expansion kits are sold to add more milkers
  • All items are update able and will be updated for free as new version of the milkers come out
  • Features added to the milkers will also be free.
  • Any new products for sale will interface with the original milkers and accounts

What awards are available?

  • Cows
  • Top Milk Monthly Overall
  • Top Milk Monthly by Farm
  • Top Milk Season Overall
  • Top Milk Season by Farm

  • Bulls
  • Top Seed Monthly Overall
  • Top Seed Monthly by Farm
  • Top Seed Season Overall
  • Top Seed Season by Farm

  • Workers
  • Top Worker Milking Monthly Overall
  • Top Worker Milking by Farm

How can I check my remaining EXP and Level?

Cows, bulls, and farm hands can check their level by clicking on a farm management terminal then selecting 'My Details' then 'Check Level' 

Is Botting or using a Bot allowed? Can I use a bot to deliver Milk? Can I use a bot as a cow or bull or worker? Can I use an auto clicker or other clicking script or program or plugin?

No. Botting or using a bot is NOT allowed. If found to be using a bot, you and your dairy will come under investigation. Action will be taken against user and dairies / farms that use bots or any type of script / program / device / plugin that gains an advantage over the game.

Action taken can be banning, removal of all licenses, removal of all Moolah, or any other actions admin feel necessary.

Can you transfer or deliver seed?

Yes, with the introduction of the Trading Floor, both Seed and Power can be sold, bought and delivered.

When do daily bonuses reset? When do any daily settings reset?

The system resets bonuses and other aspects that are daily on SLT

SLT is Second Life Time Zone. This is PST (Pacific Standard Time) or PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) depending on the time of year.

There maybe issues when the system is reporting in GMT. This is not intended. If you see these values, please report the issue. 

My exp or the experience bar is over 100 percent? My level is over 100 percent ?

A lot of aspects of Muffin's Milkers gives exp. Because of this, level up checks are only in major components of the system. If you see your exp or experience bar on the website over 100 percent go to any farm hand terminal, click my details, then check level. This will manually check your account to see if you require a level up. 

How do I remove the cow or bull role from my account? How do I disable being a cow or bull? I registered to the wrong livestock role, how do I remove or disable the role?

Log into the website, Go to my details, Then my roles. 

Uncheck the role you wish to not have anymore. You can also undo this at any point. 

Disabling a role will remove quota and punishment requirements but also not allow for activities as that role. Such as breeding as a bull if the bull role is disabled.

I need to quit Muffin's Milkers for awhile. Will I have to pay to return? Will anything bad happen to me? Is there anything I need to do when I come back? Can I take a break? Can I leave and keep my progress? 

There is no real penalty for quitting Muffin's Milkers. You can come back any time you wish for no cost. All your progress will be there when you return. All purchased products will also remain.

You will loose your grade though depending on how long you are gone. 

The only other thing that will happen is, if you are using punishments, you will be punished till you complete your quota and feed upon your return.

Do not delete account unless you want to. Deleting account will loose all purchased products!

Changed sl name now nothing works! I updated my sl name now I can't access anything. I paid to have my sl name changed with sl but now Muffin's Milkers doesn't work ?

Go to a farmhand terminal. Click 'my details'. Click 'Update Names'

How long does livestock have to wait to change dairy's?

If a livestock was part of another dairy, they must wait 7 days to change dairies. 

If you need to change quicker, please put a message in  discord for support. This will only be done on case by case basis. 

How do I update my Management Terminal?

When a product is out of version, a message in chat will appear. An owner can then touch the product, navigate to the owner menu, and request an update. 

The updater always comes with a new version of the product and an updater. 

Rez the updater and click the updater to start.

 Sometimes it is required to reset the original product via the dialog menu of the product.

Wait for the updater to finish then your product should be updated. 

If all else fails, go to the main store and and access the account terminal. Here you can click "Re-Deliver" to get a new copy of your product.

Are there any region restrictions on a dairy? Can I pick up and move my dairy?

There are no region restrictions for a dairy. Yes you can pick up an move a dairy at any point.

How many farm hands can a dairy have? 

There is no limit to how many farm hands a dairy can have. However, a single farm hand can only be part of 9 dairies.

I can't re-add a user to my dairy as a farm hand?

A farm hand used to be part of my dairy but I can't register them again?

Once a farm hand is disabled in a dairy, an owner or manager is the must use the workers page for a dairy to re-activate the farm hand. 

For security, farm hands can not be re-added or re-registered from a management terminal. 

Is there a limit to the amount of farm hands a dairy can have?


Can a dairy also be a stable?

Yes. Dairies just need to buy a stable package.

Is seed and milk in a dairy tank reset at the end of the month?


It says I am pregnant but I don't have the bonus?

This normally means you must deliver. Cows that are requiring delivery are not eligible for the pregnant bonus.

Does *Limit* text effect breeding?

Once limit is hit you will not get a bonus from breeding.

How long does a pregnancy last?

30 real life days. 

Can a cow be mounted and bred while pregnant?

Yes. Both the cow and bull will receive breeding bonus. However the cow can not get double pregnant.

Can a cow prevent a bull from breeding them?

Yes. There is a buck off button when a bull starts a breed. This is another level of consent for the cow to agree to. 


What does a cow's level do?

A cow's level changes a few things for the cow's milking rate. As the cow gains levels, they are able to produce more milk but only for a specific amount of time.

This bonus to milking rate based on your level, resets each sl day. So you are able to milk at max rate for a specific amount of milk then your rate will go back to default. Wait for the next sl day, and you can milk at max rate again.

The idea behind this is that cows that want to complete larger quotas as they gain level can do so while giving other cows that want to milk a long time not such a huge advantage.


How is exp earned for leveling?

Exp is earned based on milk cycles completed. This is a time based stat. Exp is not given for milk amount.

The reason behind using time and not milk amount is because there are so many bonus to stack for milking rate, levels can get very high with only a short amount of time. Using milk amount also gives people who are not breeders or using extreme milkers a huge advantage


How do I tell if a cow can breed?

Cows can check their breed status by using the "my Info" or cow scan at the terminals.

Cows that can breed will also have purple text over their head instead of green if they are not breeders.

Note that a cow that needs to deliver will not get a pregnant bonus until they complete their delivery and are successfully seeded again.


Does it cost anything to become a cow?


Becoming a cow and getting the milker pumps / mask will always be free.

Cows can purchase a few components that give more restrictions and add extra aspects to the experience, such as the extreme hud, but the base cow experience will always be free.


Can a cow be a bull or farm hand?


There are no role restrictions for cow / bull / farmhand.


Can a cow milk at any Dairy / Farm?


Unless the cow is banned.

Muffin's Milkers does not restrict a cow from milking at any dairy. However, milk amounts earned at a dairy are counted at that dairy. This means that if you are competing for ribbons, overall ribbons are given out based on your highest dairy amount for that month / season.

This goes for all stats as the dairy is given counts based on the tasks that happen to livestock at their dairy.

A cow can also belong to only one dairy for the "Home" bonus. It takes 7 days to change which dairy you belong to.


Can a cow join a Dairy?


There is the ablity for a cow to join a dairy to have it as their "Home Dairy." This gives a home dairy bonus to milking.

Once a cow joins a dairy, they can not join another dairy for 7 days.

Even if a cow joins a dairy, they can still milk at any other dairy just will not receive the home bonus.

How do I level up? How do I earn EXP?

Exp is earned in a few different ways but the majority of a cow's exp is earned by milking. 

Exp earned by milking is based on the time spent milking. Not the amount of milk.

A registered cow is sitting on the stall but nothing is happening?

Make sure the cow is wearing the milker breast pumps. These are required to start the milking process.

I want a cow to get off the milker, is there an option for this?

Yes, registered farm hands can unsit cows. Click the control box and the farm hand menu option. Then select "Unsit".

When I click the control box on the milker stall it says "Not Authorized", what do I do?

You must be a registered farm hand with the dairy the stall is registered to.

If you are a registered farm hand, then there are two main issues that cause this behavior. 

First, the lag on the server causes the worker request to lag behind a milking or feeding cycle. Second, two people click while waiting for authorization causing the milker to get confused. Have a single farm hand re-click the box and wait for authorization (it could take multiple attempts), you should eventually be able to use the farm hand tools.

Everything has stopped on my milker and no menus are showing up. How do I resolve this?

There are three main ways to reset the stall. 

The first way is a public reset button on the first menu when someone clicks the control box. Anyone can reset the milker as long as no one is sitting on it. This reset will reset the majority of scripts except the main farm hand script. 

The second reset is the hard reset. This is in the owner menu options after clicking the farm hand button. This will reset the milker back to it's original state where you would need to re-register the stall. 

The last method is to pick up and re-rez the milker or reset the scripts via the "Reset All Scripts" option on must SL viewers. This should solve any issue as it will reset everything.

The main reason resets need to happen is an error received from the server. I try to minimize these impacts but sometimes they just happen.

Who and how can you change the mode of the utility milker?

A registered farm hand of the dairy can swith the mode of the utility stall.

Click on the stall control box, then select farm hand menu. You will be presented with an option to change the mode here.

Who can milk a cow on the manual milker setting?

A registered farm hand is required to do manual milking on the cow. 

Can I disable the punishments and addictions?

Yes as long as you have not set "Perma-lock" via the my details page for the HUD.

You have 5 minutes once logging on to disable the Role based features. 

To turn off these features, click the hud's settings icon (looks like a gear) and click the "Disable Roles" button. 

Is the MuffinOS Hud required to buy Milk Delivery tanks or use Feed Dispensers for milk?

No the Hud is not required for these features. 

I want to use the MuffinOS but don't want RLV punishments or addictions. How can I do this?

The MuffinOS package includes a 'Lite" version. This version has no RLV. All punishments, addictions, and shape changing is disabled. All other MuffinOS features are included though.

How do I get more feed?

Dairy owners and managers can buy feed on the Moolah Store 


There are many ways to earn Moolah. But the primary methods are donations and dairy achievements 

I have feed in the dispenser but the milkers say there the dairy is out of feed.

The feed dispenser is not connected to the milk tanks. Filling the dispensers means you are taking feed from your feed tanks, which the milkers use, and putting it in the dispenser. 

Remember you can refund the feed in your dispenser if you are totally out of feed. Or go to the Moolah store to buy more feed.  

Do I need a MuffinOS Hud to earn Moolah?


All users earn Moolah. Moolah items though require the MuffinOS hud to be able to be used. 

But you can always donate your Moolah to a dairy instead. See your details page on the website to see how much Moolah you have.

Can I buy Moolah?


Moolah is an earned currency withing the Muffin's Milkers game.

How much Moolah will my dairy get for an achievement?

250 is the standard Moolah rate for achievements. 

Note that special event Achievements will be more. 

How many tanks can I wear at once?

The milk delivery system was designed to only have a user have one tank at a time. Some users have found ways to wear multiple tanks but this is not intended.

Can I rez multiple delivery tanks at once?

Yes, this is fine. 

The drop off location says "Can only be used by tank owner" when trying to drop off milk. Why is this?

To drop off milk, click the tank you are wearing, not the drop off location. The drop off location tank is only configurable by an owner where any farm hand can deliver from their own can. 

The Cattle Prod has never worked. Is something wrong?

The cattle prod is designed to be only used by active farm hands. You must complete at least one task in order to use the cattle prod. This include feeding a cow, milking a cow, or delivering milk. Farm hands that only join to use a cattle prod will not be able to use the cattle prod in  order to reduce abuse of alts. 

How does a cow or bull get sick?

There are currently 6 different viruses and conditions. Each has their own conditions that must be met before a livestock can get a medical issue. There is also a random chance once these conditions are met that the cow will get set.

There are no medical issues that are completely random. 

Also note some medical issues are spread from breeding. So a sick cow or bull can infect others.

Are there symptoms of a medical issue?

Yes. Each medical issue will cause a performance decline from livestock in some way. Each medical issue affects livestock differently.

You will also see a icon above livestock's head when milking just under the bonus if they have a medical issue.

Is there any way to tell livestock are sick without the scanning device?

Yes. You will see a symbol in their text above a milker just under the Milking bonuses.

Can taking to many items hurt my grade?

There are specific items that are not counted for grade. 

  • Feed Supplement
  • Udder Butter
  • Tank Grease

Taking too many of the other user items such as Milk+, Seed+ or Endurance can hurt your grade. 

However, this reduction is on a scale. Each extra pill over the limit has a progressively lower impact on your grade.

The stated limit for pills is not revealed but you can take a few pills each day with no ill effects on grade.

It makes no difference where the pill comes from (from your own hud or from someone elses hud).

Does hitting Exhausted hurt your grade?


Can other farmhands treat my livestock? I’m a small dairy and don’t have enough seed, can other dairies farm hands help me?

Yes. However, by default, only your dairy farm hands can treat your dairy’s livestock. There is a security option on the website that states “Allow Outside Farm hands to Treat Livestock.” Enabling this will allow any farm hands to treat your livestock regardless of dairy.

Will medical issues affect grade?

Yes, but only slightly

How often do medical issues occur?;

The medical check is every 6 hours.

Can a stable also be a dairy?

Yes. A stable just needs to buy a dairy package.

Is power in a stable battery reset at the end of the month?


Is power in a stable battery reset at the end of the month?


What gender is a pony?

Ponies include all genders. For breeding, there is a stallion flag that can be set via the farmhand terminal. 

Can a pony complete a circle and a power quota daily?

Yes a pony can complete circle and power quota each day. 

Will having the pony role effect my cow and bull grade?

No. Pony role has no effect on cow and bull grade.

Can a farmhand, who is also a cow or bull, wear the plug and fill themselves for picking up seed orders? 

Yes. But I would encourage play with others. 

I can't drop off my butter or ice cream. There is no button to drop off.

Normally this is because not all milk has been churned. Look in the menu for milk remaining when clicking the churner.

 All milk must be churned in order for the drop off button to show up.