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Milker Stall


The milker stall is the main milking method for Muffin's Milkers. Cows and bulls can use the same stall to milk. Stalls are registered to a specific dairy.

Owners must set the dairy before milking can happen. Farm hands registered to the milker stall's dairy can tend to the cows in various ways.

All milk and seed collected by the stalls go directly to the dairy.

All breeding attempts on the stalls are also credited to the dairy.

All feeding amounts are taken from the registered dairy as well.

The requirements for milking is to be registered in the Muffin's Milker system using a terminal as either a cow or bull and to wear the apporpriate gear (breast pumps or seed pump).

The stalls also allow for breeding between cows and bulls.

Farm hands can tend to the livestock through feeding and extra quota amounts / lock time.


You must have a registered dairy before setting up a milker stall!

Only the owner of the milker can set the Dairy Key Code

  1. Rez the milker
  2. Click the control box on the left hand side of the stall
  3. Click the farm hand menu
  4. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your Dairy Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  5. Wait for registration to message you.
  6. If you get a message saying the stall is registered to your dairy, you have completed the registration!


Cow Milking

Only cows registered with the Muffin's Milkers system can milk on any dairy milker. To registered a cow, use the terminal and the registration options.

All milk collected is credited to the dairy the milker is registered with.

To start milking cows must wear the milker breast pumps and be sitting on the milker.


All cows have a starting quota. Cows sitting on a milker are automatically locked using RLV restrictions. Once a cow completes their quota, they will be released from the stall. A farm hand can also lock cows for extra quota or time once they have finished their initial quota.

Bull Seed Milking

Only bulls registered with the Muffin's Milkers system can milk on any dairy milker. To registered a bull, use the terminal and the registration options.

All seed collected is credited to the dairy the milker is registered with.

To start seed milking bulls must wear the seed pump.


Feeding can increase a cow's rate of milking.

Only farm hands registered with the stall's dairy can feed cows.

Standard feeding is done on 1L increments. After a cow has eaten half of the feed, they will receive the feeding bonus. Cows can only be fed up to 5L a day of the standard feed.

Cows can wear the feeding mask for a visual representation of feeding, but it is not required.


There are multiple requirements in order to breed a cow. Breeding results in a breeding bonus for the cow, increasing their milk for a short duration. Once a cow is impregnated, the cow will produce even more milk for the duration of the pregnancy. Pregnancy lasts 30 real days from the breeding success.

Requirements for breeding
  1. Be a registered bull
  2. Cow set as a breeder. This can be done via the terminal.
    Note * Breeder cows have purple text over their head. Non breeding cows have green text. Breeding is an opt into activity, so all cows start as non breeders.
  3. All cows have the option to reject the bull mounting them
  4. Breeding cycle has a timer. The cow and bull must sit for the duration to complete the breeding.
  5. The result of the breeding cycle is either a completion or a success. Success means the cow was impregnated. The chance of impregnation is based on the cow's and bull's level.

Extreme Milker Stall

Any milker stall can switched into Extreme mode by the farm owner or by a farm manager.

Livestock require MuffinOS to use the Extreme Milker, and it can only be used for making quota.

Extra RLV restrictions are imposed compared to the milkers in normal mode (camera, names, maps, moo-chat... etc). In return the milking rate is boosted (e.g. by 0.002).


A registered cow is sitting on the stall but nothing is happening?

Make sure the cow is wearing the milker breast pumps. These are required to start the milking process.

I want a cow to get off the milker, is there an option for this?

Yes, registered farm hands can unsit cows. Click the control box and the farm hand menu option. Then select "Unsit".

When I click the control box on the milker stall it says "Not Authorized", what do I do?

You must be a registered farm hand with the dairy the stall is registered to.

If you are a registered farm hand, then there are two main issues that cause this behavior. 

First, the lag on the server causes the worker request to lag behind a milking or feeding cycle. Second, two people click while waiting for authorization causing the milker to get confused. Have a single farm hand re-click the box and wait for authorization (it could take multiple attempts), you should eventually be able to use the farm hand tools.

Everything has stopped on my milker and no menus are showing up. How do I resolve this?

There are three main ways to reset the stall. 

The first way is a public reset button on the first menu when someone clicks the control box. Anyone can reset the milker as long as no one is sitting on it. This reset will reset the majority of scripts except the main farm hand script. 

The second reset is the hard reset. This is in the owner menu options after clicking the farm hand button. This will reset the milker back to it's original state where you would need to re-register the stall. 

The last method is to pick up and re-rez the milker or reset the scripts via the "Reset All Scripts" option on must SL viewers. This should solve any issue as it will reset everything.

The main reason resets need to happen is an error received from the server. I try to minimize these impacts but sometimes they just happen.