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Farm Hand


Farm hands are arguably the most valuable part of the dairy. They can feed the cows and tend to livestock in many different ways. Farm hands also help with the role play in a big way as they are given a bit of authority over the livestock. Farm hands have rights to the machines only the dairy they are part of. However, farm hands can be part of multiple dairies. Dairy owners can manage their farm hands via the website tools. Dairy owners can even promote / demote farm hands giving them even more control over dairy operations.

Another farm hand, or the dairy owner are required to register a new farm hand.

Farm hands earn levels just like cows an bulls. 

Farm hand level can be checked by clicking on the 'My Details' then 'Check Level' on the a Farm Management Terminal.

For dairy rules about farm hands, please consult the dairy or farm itself as rules may differ.


  • Milk Manually Milked
  • Assists with Delivery
  • Feed Given


  • Feed Cows
  • Manually Milk Cows
  • Assist with Deliveries
  • Lock down cows on milkers
  • Set Cows Quotas
  • Set Cows Breed Status
  • Unsit Cows on milkers
  • Ban livestock
  • Invite livestock to join dairy

EXP Methods

  • Manual Milking
  • Feeding Cows
  • Completing Milk Deliveries
  • Delivering Calves of Pregnant Cows