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Cows are the foundation of the Muffin’s Milkers system. Cows produce the milk that runs the Dairy machine. Cows come in all shapes sizes and species. Generally we consider a cow to be anyone who uses the milker, regardless of species or gender. Different dairies, and farm hands, treat cows with varying rights and control. Some cows are very independent while others require a more guiding hand. Rules for cows come under the guidance of the Dairy or farm. Muffin’s Milkers makes no single rules for behavior of cows.

There are a few default settings though applied to each cow that joins. Cows must opt into the breeding program. Cows are also giving a 1L quota as a base which can be changed by a farmhand.


  • Milk
  • Breeding Attempts
  • Offspring
  • Feed Eaten


  • Gain Exp for leveling
  • Produce Milk ether on the standard milker or manual milkers
  • Complete Quotas
  • Consume Feed
  • Join Breeder Program

Read about breeding here:

Breeding Info

To get gear for milking after you register. Visit a  Gear giver.

You must wear milking pumps from the cow gear for milking to happen. 

Gear givers can be found at most farms or at the main store.


What does a cow's level do?

A cow's level changes a few things for the cow's milking rate. As the cow gains levels, they are able to produce more milk but only for a specific amount of time.

This bonus to milking rate based on your level, resets each sl day. So you are able to milk at max rate for a specific amount of milk then your rate will go back to default. Wait for the next sl day, and you can milk at max rate again.

The idea behind this is that cows that want to complete larger quotas as they gain level can do so while giving other cows that want to milk a long time not such a huge advantage.

How is exp earned for leveling?

Exp is earned based on milk cycles completed. This is a time based stat. Exp is not given for milk amount.

The reason behind using time and not milk amount is because there are so many bonus to stack for milking rate, levels can get very high with only a short amount of time. Using milk amount also gives people who are not breeders or using extreme milkers a huge advantage

How do I tell if a cow can breed?

Cows can check their breed status by using the "my Info" or cow scan at the terminals.

Cows that can breed will also have purple text over their head instead of green if they are not breeders.

Note that a cow that needs to deliver will not get a pregnant bonus until they complete their delivery and are successfully seeded again.

Does it cost anything to become a cow?


Becoming a cow and getting the milker pumps / mask will always be free.

Cows can purchase a few components that give more restrictions and add extra aspects to the experience, such as the extreme hud, but the base cow experience will always be free.

Can a cow be a bull or farm hand?


There are no role restrictions for cow / bull / farmhand.

Can a cow milk at any Dairy / Farm?


Unless the cow is banned.

Muffin's Milkers does not restrict a cow from milking at any dairy. However, milk amounts earned at a dairy are counted at that dairy. This means that if you are competing for ribbons, overall ribbons are given out based on your highest dairy amount for that month / season.

This goes for all stats as the dairy is given counts based on the tasks that happen to livestock at their dairy.

A cow can also belong to only one dairy for the "Home" bonus. It takes 7 days to change which dairy you belong to.

Can a cow join a Dairy?


There is the ablity for a cow to join a dairy to have it as their "Home Dairy." This gives a home dairy bonus to milking.

Once a cow joins a dairy, they can not join another dairy for 7 days.

Even if a cow joins a dairy, they can still milk at any other dairy just will not receive the home bonus.

How do I level up? How do I earn EXP?

Exp is earned in a few different ways but the majority of a cow's exp is earned by milking. 

Exp earned by milking is based on the time spent milking. Not the amount of milk.