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Breeding is only done with cows that have opted into breeding program. This is set by a farmhand via a Farm management terminal.

Bulls and cows both get a breeding bonus when a breeding session is completed.

Breeding limits are 10 per day per cow but this is subject to change. 

This was done to prevent the hundreds of breeding bonuses given to a cow in a single day abusing the system. 

Breeding success is heavily level dependent.

Chance = 10 + (cow’s breeding attempts today) + bull level

Chance is your percentage of getting the cow pregnant. This means a bull at level 1 has at max a 21% chance of getting a cow impregnated

*****Note: The max natural breeding chance is 85%********

Cow breeding limits are reset with the SL day.


It says I am pregnant but I don't have the bonus?

This normally means you must deliver. Cows that are requiring delivery are not eligible for the pregnant bonus.

Does *Limit* text effect breeding?

Once limit is hit you will not get a bonus from breeding.

How long does a pregnancy last?

30 real life days. 

Can a cow be mounted and bred while pregnant?

Yes. Both the cow and bull will receive breeding bonus. However the cow can not get double pregnant.

Can a cow prevent a bull from breeding them?

Yes. There is a buck off button when a bull starts a breed. This is another level of consent for the cow to agree to.