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Ice Cream Dispenser


Ice cream dispensers hold ice cream churned by ponies. Ponies churn ice cream by wearing a churner and filling it with milk and adding power. 

Different ice cream flavors, called additives, give different bonuses. 

Ice cream dispensers are also where churners are charged, using power from the stable battery. 

Icecream DIspenser Ice cream menu

How to Use

Ice cream dispensers are part of the stable package. They are rezzed by stable owners.

They must be registered in order to use. 

To register an ice cream dispenser the owner must click on the dispenser. Then click the button for the Owner menu and then the Register button. 

After being registered the ice cream dispenser can be used. 

Step by Step

Making and getting Ice cream

  1. Rez and register the ice cream dispenser
  2. Charge a pony's churner to churn ice cream
  3. Fill the pony's churner with milk from a milk dispenser (note that you can only drop off ice cream to farm where the churner's milk was filled from)
  4. Have the pony add an additive to their churner. This additive will determine the flavor and bonus for the ice cream. This is done by simply clicking on the churner and selecting additive. You can not add an additive if the churner has already been started.
  5. After churning all of the product have the pony drop off the ice cream at your milk dispenser
  6. Use the ice cream menu to receive a cone 
  7. Use the ice cream menu to select which ice cream to dispense to your cone. Note you must be wearing your cone!
  8. After dispensing to your cone, you can click to eat or give the cone to someone else to enjoy

*Note you can reuse cones. Unlike milk bottles, cones can be reused (yes I know that's silly but it saves inventory duplication)

Charging Churners

Using the farm hand menu a farm hand can charge a pony's churner. 

This uses the stable's battery to charge the churner. The default charge amount is 10 power.

However, if the churner has some charge in it already the ice cream dispenser will only charge the difference in the churner up to 10 power. 

You can charge pony's churner's from outside your stable. 

The stable battery page on the website can be checked to see farmhand charging activity.

Dispensing Cones

Any user within Muffin's Milkers can receive a cone by going to the ice cream menu and clicking "Get Cone"

A cone will be delivered after a few seconds. 

Filled ice cream cones can be given to others to enjoy. 

Cones can be re-used so as to not clutter up inventory. 

Cones animations can be disabled in the menu by clicking it.

To eat ice cream, click the cone and select eat.

Additives and Flavors 

All farms have some basic additives. You can view your additives by going to the additives page via the farm report page on the website (my farm page).

Additives must be added to a churner before churning. 

Ice cream flavor and bonus is determined by the additive. 

All base additives give EXP bonus to their specific role. For example, Vanilla bonus gives a 50% exp bonus to all cow activities. 

Replacing Old Dispensers

The replacement option allows a user to replace a dispenser with a new one.

 This can happen when a script full breaks or when a new version comes out. 

 To use the replacement feature, first register your dispenser. then go to owner menu. click "Replace Old Dispenser" it will then ask you for the key to replace. 

You can get this key form the website under farm report feed and ice-cream dispenser button. 

All products (ice cream) will be transferred to the new ice cream dispenser.