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The ice cream churner is worn by ponies to turn milk into different dairy products. 

The pony can churn:

  1. Butter (without needing power or an additive).
  2. Ice cream when the churner is both powered and an additive chosen.

Ice Cream Lifecycle

How to Use

1. Pony Setup

To use the churner you must have registered and have your pony role active. To register as a pony use the farm management terminal. 

Once registered you can click "Pony Gear" on any Gear Giver to receive all pony gear including the churner

2. Put Milk in the Churner

Now wearing the churner you have a couple of options about what product to churn. But the first step is to fill your churner with milk.

A churner is filled with milk by a farmhand at any normal milk dispenser. The same dispensers used to fill milk tanks. 

3. Option 1: Butter

After filling with milk you can begin churning butter. Jump to the Churning step.

When butter is dropped off the pony will earn Moolah for the amount of product produced.

4. Option 2: Ice Cream

If you want to churn ice cream you will need to power the churner and add an additive. 

Depending on the additive choose, the ice cream will produce different bonuses when eaten. 

To make ice cream charge a churner with power. This is done at an ice cream dispenser. A farmhand is required to charge a churner. The power is taken from the stable battery.

The base amount of power used to charge a churner is 10 power. 

Now with power and with milk you can add an additive to the milk. This will churn the milk into ice cream.

If you don't want to churn ice cream. Do not add an additive. 

5. Churning

Whichever product you choose, click enable churning to start the process. 

Any movement a pony does will churn the milk. Walking, running, or jumping. 

However, going faster than walking speed can cause Lumps. Lumps result in no product churned for that single cycle. Higher level ponies will produce less lumps. There will also be items to prevent lumps entirely.

6. Drop Off

After you have churned all your milk you can drop off the product. 

If you chose to churn butter, the drop off is a butter drop off that can be found at the main store or secret shop.

Dropping off ice cream is done at an ice cream dispenser. Remember though you can only drop off ice cream for the farm you filled your churner at with milk.

Step by Step

Here is a shortened check list for Churning products.

Note that You must churn all milk to get the option to drop off


  1. Register as pony and get churner from gear giver (pony gear)
  2. Have a farm hand fill churner at a milk dispenser
  3. Enable churning 
  4. Churn all milk 
  5. Drop off butter at main store or secret shop butter drop offs
  6. Get Moolah reward for amount of product produced

Ice Cream

  1. Register as pony and get churner from gear giver (pony gear)
  2. Have a farm hand fill churner at a milk dispenser
  3. Have a farm hand charge your churner at an ice cream dispenser (the power comes from your stable battery)
  4. Add an additive to your churner (the available additives will be based on the farm you filled milk from)
  5. Drop off Ice cream at an Ice cream dispenser owned by the farm you filled your churner from 
  6. Ice cream cones can now be filled from this Ice cream dispenser 


To make ice Cream you must add additives before churning! 


I can't drop off my butter or ice cream. There is no button to drop off.

Normally this is because not all milk has been churned. Look in the menu for milk remaining when clicking the churner.

 All milk must be churned in order for the drop off button to show up.