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Starting a Farm


To start as a dairy or stable owner you must first own a package. This can be either a dairy or stable package. After owning a package you can upgrade your package to include the other components of the system.

Example: if you buy a dairy package you can buy the stable upgrade for half price later. 

To do an upgrade you first have to have established your dairy or stable. Buying an upgrade without a stable will result in the system telling you that you can not do this. 

To purchase a package visit the Muffin's milkers main store

Main Store SLURL

Diary vs Stable 


A dairy is primarily focused on milking. This is done with cows and bulls. 

Dairies also have milk delivery, seed selling and delivery through marketplace orders, as well as cow and bull breeding.

Dairies are the backbone of the system as they provide the primary resource for muffin's milkers which is milk and seed. 

Farm hands work at dairies by feeding and tending to livestock using the stall functionality, or various tools like LEWD or Cattle prods 

You can read more here: 

Dairy info

Farmhand Info



Stables focus on ponies. Ponies produce power and are used to do other manual tasks for farms. 

Right now the main tasks for a pony are producing power and churning ice-cream.

Ponies also are able to do circle training and will soon be able to pull various types of carts.

For more information about stables see here:

Stable Info


Licensing is used for simultaneous running stalls and other equipment. All stable and dairy packages start with a basic license count. 

Only buy licenses if you need them for simultaneous use. Or if you want to support the system I won't complain. 

Licenses are automatically free up for equipment after 10 minutes of not being used. 

You can view your licenses by going to My details then clicking on My licenses.

More info on licensing can be found on the dairy and stable info pages.