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Power is used in a variety of different aspects of Muffin's Milkers. Power is produced by ponies at stables. 

Power can also be purchased on the marketplace by stables selling their excess power. 

The main use of power is for Powered Milking. A dairy owner or manager can enable powered status for milkers by either:

  1. toggling the powered status from the farmhand terminal under the farmhand menu.
  2. going to the farm management tab on the website and checking the "enabled powered bonus" box.

Generating Power

A pony using a treadmill at the stable will generate power.

The higher the level of the pony the more power will be generated.

Active power generation using the Hoof HUD will generate power much faster. 

As ponies generate power they will use stamina. Once a pony uses all their stamina they must rest in a pony stall, or use an item that recovers stamina.

For more information on generating power see: Treadmill Documentation

Powered Milking

When a farm runs out of power, the powered status automatically turns off. 

When powered the farm website will display a powered icon. 

Seed and Milk milking from cows and bulls will be increased for the duration of the powered bonus. 

Power bonus will take a bit of power per milker per tick. 

Meaning the more milkers using power the faster the power will be drained. 

The powered bonus will be displayed as PWM for powered cow milking and PWS as powered seed milking.

Powering Churners

The Churners are another use for power.

Churners are used by ponies to produce ice cream from milk

Churners must have power enable to churn ice cream. Without power a churner will only churn butter.

Cattle Prod

A farm hand can recharge their cattle prod at the farm management terminal. 

The farm owner or manager can set the "Max allowed cattle prod charges recharged by farmhands per day" by going to the "Manage" tab on the farm website.