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Featured Farms


Featured farms are farms randomly selected to have an extra bonus every three days.

This is to promote visiting farm's that might not otherwise be seen by users.

Featured farms are selected every three days randomly from eligible farms. 

1.) Must not be inactive on supply and demand bonus

2.) Must have a SLURL 

3.) Must have livestock that are part of the farm

4.) Must have completed one achievement 

5.) Must not have been featured in the current cycle

6.) Must have description

7.) Must have keywords

Featured farms will get a delivery bonus and a production bonus to milk, seed, and power. Featured farms will last three days. Featured farms will have a supply and demand that will not go below very high. 

All farms will be featured if they are able to. After all farms are featured, featured farms will be reset and the cycle will start again. 

Users can check on a farm's page if a farm is eligible to be featured.