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Season 4 Milking Rates


Milking rates were updated for Season 4. Most rates were update to take more advantage of cow and bulls level. There is also now the concept of a max limit rate.
A very large change from Season 3 is that limits and bonuses are reset on the SL day not a 24 hour window.

Milk and Seed Rate with Limits

Base milk rate is 0.01

Base seed rate is 0.002

Level Rate = milking rate based on livestock level. Rate duration is limited by an amount or milk or seed per sl day based on the livestock level.

-Milk rate is calculated by the base rate or your Level Rate and any bonuses

-Milk rate is heavily dependent on your level. There are three tiers of milking rate for levels. The idea behind this is rewarding higher level cows but also not creating an extreme situation for milk rates. 

Milk Level Rate

Under level 10 or cows that don’t meet base rate = base milking rate 

Level 10 to 25 = 0.001 * level

Level 25 - 50 = above 10 to 25 rate + (0.0005 * (level – 25))

Level 50 = above 25 rate + (0.0002? * (level – 50))

Seed Level Rate

Under level 10 or bulls that don’t meet base rate = base seed rate 

Level 10 to 25 = 0.0001 * level

Level 25 up = above 10 to 25 rate + (0.00005 * (level – 25))

Current bonuses to milking rates not dependent on your level rate include 

Feeding – cow only and bull (soon)

Home – cow and bull

Extreme – cow only 

Manual – cow only and bull (soon)

Breeding – cow and bull

Pregnant – cow only

-Your Level Rate is also dependent on your milking limit for that day. This limit is also calculated by your level. The idea behind this is getting tired from milking. 

Milk Level Rate Limit

Level 1 to 25 = 5 + (1 * level)

Level 25 and up = above + ((level – 25) * .25)

Seed Level Rate Limit


Level 1 to 25 = .1 + (.1 * level)

Level 25 and up = above + ((level – 25) * .025)

**Rate Limits are reset on sl day. There is no longer a well-rested bonus**



Current Milk Rate    0.056

 (this is the cow’s current milking rate. Because there is milking rate remaining, this is a level-based milking rate)

Total Milk Today    49.42

(total milk today based on sl day) 

Remaining Milk Rate    3.329

(remaining milk to milk at the level rate)

Max Milk Rate Limit    52.75

(max milk to be milked using the level rate)


Feed is a limited resource that dairy owners and managers must maintain. 

Feed is used for two reasons. 

1.)  Increase your level rate milking limit for the day

2.)  Give a slight bonus to milking. 


For each 1L of feed a cow eats, they are given 5L extra milking Level Rate limit. Normal feed has a limit of 5 feeds per sl day.  


For each level of 1L of feed a bull eats they are given .5 extra seed Level Rate limit. Bull feeding is done via milk bottles.

**Feed Rate Limits increases are done by feed tick. Not all at once. Standard tick is .05. This is to prevent standing and not finishing a feed**


HomeCow / BullAwarded when milking at the dairy that the livestock is registered to
FeedCow / BullAfter a minium amount of feed being eaten, this bonus becomes active. There is a limit to how much feed livestock can eat a day.
BreedingCow / BullAfter a breed session is completed, this bonus becomes active. There is a limit to how many times a cow can be bred per day.
Pregnant (Preg)CowBonus is active while a cow is pregnant. This bonus becomes inactive when a cow needs to deliver.
ExtremeCowBonus is only active when milking on the extreme milker. Milking on extreme milker requires the MuffinOS Hud and only when a quota has not been completed
ManualCowBonus is active on utility stalls when being milked by a farmhand