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Trading Floor - Seed and Power Marketplace


The trading floor is used for selling and buying Seed and Power. Farms can list and Power and Seed for whatever amount of moolah they want as long as it meets minimum amounts. 

Farms can purchase Seed and Power to be used at their own farms after picking up the purchased orders in game.

General Info

To list and purchase a Seed or Power order for a farm, a user must be the dairy owner or farmhand manager. 

To get to the trading floor, first login in then navigate to the Trading Floor page from the Moolah Market drop down. Here you will find the current trending amounts of Seed and Power per Moolah. 

You can also place and view current open orders and a history of purchased orders. 

For a history of closed and open orders for a specific farm, please visit your farm's home page and use the Open Orders and Closed orders buttons. 


Trading Floor : Webpage used to purchase and place Seed and Power orders

Seed and Power Distributor : This device is used to pickup and drop off Seed and Power Orders. They are owned and registered to farms by farm owners. 

Batterybox : Used by farmhands to pickup and dropoff Power Orders

Cum Tank Plug : Worn by a livestock to be used as a Seed storage tank to pickup and dropoff orders. Farmhands must be present to fill the livestock tank

Create Order

Creating an order is done by clicking the Place Sell Order Button. 

You must be a dairy owner or farmhand manager to place a sell order. 

When placing a sell order you must meet minimum amounts for Moolah cost and Item Amount. 

When items are being sold, they are removed from a farm's tank or battery. If the order is canceled or refunded, the amounts will be put back into the tank or battery.

Orders expire after 7 days and are refunded to the farm for the items being sold. Orders will always expire at the end of the month. If an order is placed less than 7 days from the end of the month, the expire date will be set at the end of the month.

Orders must be placed with a slurl each time. 

To get an slurl, create a landmark in game, right click the created landmark, then hit copy slurl. You can then paste this slurl into the pickup slurl field. 

Purchasing Order

You must be a farm owner or farmhand manager to purchase a Seed or Power order. 

After purchasing an order you must then pick up the order in game. 

Picking up orders can be done by ANY farmhand for the farm that it was purchased for. 

To view open orders for a farm, visit your farm's page and click Open Orders. 

You can also check open orders at the farm you purchased the orders from Seed and Power Distributor. 

For more information on the components and more detailed information of how to pickup and dropoff orders in game, please visit the specific component pages.