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Cum Tank Plug


The Cum Tank Plug is worn by livestock in order to pickup and transport a seed order from the marketplace. A farm hand is required to fill livestock using this plug. 

Be warned: if the livestock is a cow and is a breeder and is not pregnant, there is a small chance they might randomly become inseminated during the process.

The plug is not registered as a tank. It is only a device to signify and alert the distributor to the livestock wearing it as a cum tank.

The amount of seed livestock can hold is based on their level. The higher level, either cow or bull, will be used. 

5 + .5 seed per level. (subject to change)

Pickup Order

1.) after purchasing a seed order bring a cow or bull with the cum tank plug inserted to a pickup distributor for the order you just bought.

(optional, you can pick up orders you did not purchase. To see open orders ready for pickup, click on a distributor or visit your farm's page then click open orders)

2.) click pickup order

3.) select seed order 

4.) select the livestock cum tank you want to use 

5.) let the distributor fill the tank 

6.) wait for finalized confirmation

Dropoff Order

1.) take a filled cum tank livestock to your dairy's distributor 

2.) select from the distributor "Seed Drop Off" 

3.) select the cum tank you want to drain 

4.) wait for the distributor to hook up the connection 

5.) wait for the cum tank to drain

6.) wait for finalized confirmation


Can a farmhand, who is also a cow or bull, wear the plug and fill themselves for picking up seed orders? 

Yes. But I would encourage play with others.