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Battery Box


The battery box is used by farmhands to pickup and drop off power orders from the trading floor. Farmhands can only use Battery boxes for farms that are apart of. A farmhand can only have one active battery box at a time.

Battery boxes are not registered like normal tanks. A farmhand only has one battery box. Each time they pick up an order, their battery box is then tied to that farm they picked up the order from. 

Battery boxes can only be used by a farmhand to pick up an order where the farmhand is a valid worker for. 

Picking up Order:

1.) Purchase a Power order from the trading floor 

(optional, you can pick up orders you did not purchase. To see open orders ready for pickup, click on a distributor or visit your farm's page then click open orders)

2.) Go to the location the pick slurl has.

3.) Find the Seed and Power Distributor 

4.) Click the Seed and Power Distributor 

5.) Click Open Orders form the menu

6.) Click Power Orders

7.) Select the order you want to pick up 

8.) It will automatically check authorization and if you are wearing a battery box 

9.) You will get conformation of finished pickup

10.) Battery box will reset and say it's not assigned to the farm for the order you picked up

Dropoff Order:

1.) Wear battery box that has been filled from a pickup order

2.) Go to a Seed and Power Distributor for the farm you picked up the order for

3.) Click the battery box and click "Dropoff"

4.) Select the dropoff 

5.) Wait for drop off to complete and you will get a conformation of the drop off