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Hoof Hud


The hoof HUD is used to do active power generation. Click a treadmill stall to receive the most up to date HUD. Using the HUD is not required for producing power.

Connecting to the Treadmill

If you sit before getting a HUD, click the connect button from the HUD's menu.

There is an indicator in the top left of the HUD. Red is not connected to treadmill. Green is connected. 

Once connected, click the HUD and a dialog menu will appear. Click start to start the mini game.

Mini Game

The mini game is directional pattern based. You can use arrow keys or WASD. 

The horse shoes represent these directions. They will slowly get more and more visible representing which direction to press. 

Sometimes the patterns are one direction but can also be multi directions. 

Missing directions are not penalized. so feel free to just let the HUD go if you need to chat or do something else. 

Each correct or semi correct input will result in points. Points are spent after hitting a threshold which is indicated on the HUD.

These points are spent automatically. 

When points are spent, active power ticks are added to the pony.

Each power generation tick will try to use these active power ticks till there are no more ticks to use. 

Ponies will see ACV-# above their head. This number represents the amount of remaining power ticks. 

For example ACV-4 means the pony can generate 4 more active power ticks.

Active power generation does not use extra stamina currently. But this may change.


These may help playing the mini-game:

  1. If two hoofs are lit up, press the two keys at the same time. Pressing one key at a time won't work.
  2. The Hoof HUD only accepts key presses when it's close to fully filled in. So if you press too soon that won't work.
  3. If you get a "Wrong!" pattern result, it may be picked up as the attempt for the following pattern. You may need to skip a full pattern before you can start matching again.
  4. Mainly keep an eye on the "Current:" number, it tells you the most important information overall (did you match a pattern, how close to 50 you are... etc)
  5. Build up points to 45 or above, but only spend them when your ACV-x value drops to 1 (or ACV disappears). More time for RP and IM!