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Ponies are the workhorses of the Muffin's Milkers system. Their role is designed around supporting the rest of the system's roles. 

Ponies main resource production is Power. Power is used by dairies to increase milking rate for the cost of power usage. 

Ponies don't have limits but instead have Stamina. All pony activities require stamina. Stamina can be recovered though in a Livestock Stall.


  • Power
  • Circles
  • Feed Eaten


  • Gain Exp for leveling
  • Produce Power ether on the passive treadmill mode or active treadmill mode with the Hoof HUD
  • Complete Circles on the Circle Trainer
  • Complete Quotas
  • Consume Feed


What gender is a pony?

Ponies include all genders. For breeding, there is a stallion flag that can be set via the farmhand terminal. 

Can a pony complete a circle and a power quota daily?

Yes a pony can complete circle and power quota each day. 

Will having the pony role effect my cow and bull grade?

No. Pony role has no effect on cow and bull grade.