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Circle Trainer


The Circle trainer is a tool used to train ponies. Ponies can be automatically trained by the circle trainer direction changer, or a farmhand can manually give commands. For each circle a pony completes, the pony will be rewarded as well as use a bit of stamina. 

Must be registered like normal stalls

Pony must be added to circle trainer to start 

Anyone can add pony via menu or /99addpony

Automated Circle trainer starts after adding a pony

Circles are clockwise or counter clockwise.

Max circle quota is 500.


You must have a registered stable before setting up a circle trainer!

Only the owner of the circle trainer can set the Dairy Key Code

  1. Rez the circle trainer
  2. Click the control box on the left hand side of the stall
  3. Click the farm hand menu
  4. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your stable Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  5. Wait for the text to say your circle trainer is registered.
  6. If you see the name of your stable above the circle trainer, you are ready to go!

Text Info

Text will appear above the circle trainer in this order:





current circles : total circles : total remaining quota circles 

Stamina Cost : Stamina remaining 

Quota Remaining

SC in the text stands for stamina per circle. 

SR is the remaining stamina a pony has.

Note that circles are reported every 15 seconds. Make sure to wait before clearing the circle so that all circles are reported.

General Info

  • Farm hands can add themselves as trainer
  • Adding as trainer disables automatic training
  • Circle trainer will turn off if the pony is to far away
  • Circle trainer will turn off if the pony is out of stamina 
  • Circle trainer will remove trainer if trainer is to far away

Trainer Commands

Commands for farmhands for circle training:

all on channel /99






*Note that circles are not counted on the server instantly. they are counted every 15 seconds. this means you can go "over" stamina and the circles that went over will not count. circle trainer will alert you to this