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Treadmill Stall


The treadmill stall is the main power generation method for Muffin's Milkers. Ponies can use the same stall to produce power. Stalls are registered to a specific stable.

Owners must set the stable before power generation can happen. Farm hands registered to the treadmill stall's stable can tend to the ponies in various ways.

All power collected by the stalls go directly to the stable.

All feeding amounts are taken from the registered stable as well.

The requirements for power generation is to be registered in the Muffin's Milker system using a terminal as a pony.

Farm hands can tend to the livestock through feeding and extra quota amounts / lock time.

Stalls have two modes. Active and Passive. Active mode requires wearing the Pony Hoof Hud.


You must have a registered stable before setting up a treadmill stall!

Only the owner of the treadmill can set the Stable Key Code

  1. Rez the treadmill
  2. Click the control box on the left hand side of the stall
  3. Click the farm hand menu
  4. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your Stable Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  5. Wait for registration to message you.
  6. If you get a message saying the stall is registered to your stable, you have completed the registration!


Power Generation

Only ponies registered with the Muffin's Milkers system can milk on any stable treadmill. To registered a pony, have the pony use the farm management terminal and the registration options.

All power collected is credited to the stable the treadmill is registered with.

To start power generation a pony must be sitting on the milker.

SP in the text stands for stamina per power tick. So how much stamina it takes per the current power cycle.

SR is the remaining stamina a pony has.

Active Power Generation

A pony can do active power generation as well. To do active power generation, the pony must click the control box to request a "Hoof HUD." A HUD will be sent to the pony be patient. Once the pony receives the HUD, wear the HUD and click connect. If the pony is already wearing the HUD before sitting, it will connect automatically.

For more information on active power generation and the Hoof HUD, visit the Hoof HUD documentation.


Ponies can have have a power quota. Ponies sitting on a treadmill are automatically locked using RLV restrictions. Once a pony completes their quota, they will be released from the stall. A farm hand can also lock pony for extra quota or time once they have finished their initial quota. Max power quota is 50.


Feeding will increase the stamina of a pony.

Only farm hands registered with the stall's stable can feed ponies.

Standard feeding is done on 1L increments. After a pony has eaten half of the feed, they will receive the feeding bonus. Ponies can only be fed up to 5L a day of the standard feed.

Ponies can wear the feeding mask for a visual representation of feeding, but it is not required.


Is power in a stable battery reset at the end of the month?